Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have credit card, will travel

Home again, home again.

In the last 12 days, I've stayed at six different motels, and I can tell you, you get what you pay for. I don't need a fancy room, but crickets in the bathroom and mattresses that have seen more action than Hugh Hefner start pushing up the sphincter factor.

Speaking of sphincter factors, my brother (the live one) came down with a nasty case of E. coli a few days ago. His stay in the frontier has been prolonged while he recovers. I have never seen a man – and he is a big, strong man – vomit with such force, intensity and length. The poor guy.

I think the next time I travel, instead of noting license plates from different states and provinces, I'm going to keep track of museums. There are a lot of museums in the world, and some are truly bizarre. Like the Danish Immigrant Museum. The SPAM museum. Or the Bob Feller Museum. Who the heck is Bob Feller? Why does he need his own museum? Ever been to the Museum of the Fur Trade? Or the Museum of the Mountain Men? I haven't.

Anyway, I'm tired.


aims said...

I use to sit on the board of small town museum. The man who had the millions wanted his name on the museum. I said the same knows you and no-one will care in 20 years who you were - so why do it.

I had to quit - couldn't stand the bickering and small minds.

Guess what the name of the museum is? Yup - they changed it from the name of the town - which it had been for the name of the man with the money. Idiots.

MJ Krech said...

Welcome home, Amy! Eric really missed you! You did a good thing, but I know you're glad to have it in the past!

jan said...

Glad you're back home.

Bob Feller was a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Very good, I think.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Museums have never been my thing. Always get bored half way round. Hope your brother is okay.

CJ xx

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Amy,
This certainly was an interesting trip for you, I bet you are happy to see Wisconsin and family again. The states are so vast, so unique.
Bob Feller was an old baseball player,the first real fast ball thrower, and is in the baseball Hall of fame. Why he has a museum is beyond me. Have a great day.

Eric said...

Aims, money roars, doesn't it.

Marcia, it was a crappy excuse for a get-together, but I was happy to see a part of my family I don't get to see often. And it was high time to get some closure.

Jan, I figured it was baseball or aeronautics. Thanks for clearing that up.

CJ, I'm not heavy into museums, either. I sure didn't want to go to all those museums, I just wanted to list them all. Like you, I lose interest quickly. It always makes me feel a little shallow and unintelligent, though.

Robb, you mention how vast and unique the states are. People visit Florida, New York or LA and think they've seen America. I met a woman in Scotland once who talked about being in Florida and thinking they would just drive up to New York for the weekend. They didn't even make it to Georgia when they figured out how big it all was here. She told me about a friend who went on a tour of U.S. national parks, that they were lovely, but very far apart.

Interesting you knew about Feller, too. I guess the only time I really paid attention to baseball is when the Brewers were doing well back around 1980.

Eric said...

That last comment was really from Amy, she used a computer where I had logged in.

Sorry about that.