Monday, July 21, 2008

Kelsey's tarts

It's raspberry season again. We've had a few weeks of little, red glory. They ripened a little slower this year, probably because of the obscene winter and resulting spring floods.

Kelsey looks forward to raspberries every year. We do, too (not Kayleigh), but Kelsey is always very enthusiastic. The birds like them, too. We can tell by the color of their whitewash, which turns pink and purple.

Last year, Kelsey made some little tarts. She's been dying to make them again, and she finally got the chance. The recipe, if you can call it that, was hers.

Raspberries are an ideal plant for us. We can abuse and neglect them, and they keep coming back, loaded with flavor and color. The plants cost us $3 apiece. We bought six, three each of everbearing and summer-bearing. They arrived from McKay the day we were leaving for a long vacation. We just popped them in the ground quick and left. All the ever-bearing ones died, but the other three certainly made up ground.

They say you're supposed to cut them back in the fall, but we never do. We're too lazy to actually work on our yard.

Fortunately, we're not too lazy to pick the berries. I like them best when they're still warm from the sun, while I'm standing in the thick of them, my daughter by my side, our bowls slowly filling.


Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Those look delish. I'd love to grow some fruit but we have so many deer in our yard that I think they'd get eaten all up. Do deer like razzies?

Amy said...

I'm sure they do. Deer seem to eat everything within reach. We saw a doe with three fawns on my mom's street the other day. Three! I'd never seen that before.

Today we're making pinwheel cookies. I don't know what got into Kelsey's head to BAKE in the middle of summer, but it's a fun way to be together, and tasty, too.

MJ Krech said...

OOO!!! I'm coming!! Save me at least one tart! Please!! They look so yummy! Way to go, Kelsey!

(Wish I really could come and gobble up some of these fabulous looking treats!)