Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flying the friendly skies

OK. I should be getting packed. We're heading home.

A quickie post on what we've been up to:

The day after the dolphins, we went to EPCOT. I had heard from everyone and their third cousins how nice it is. After the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT was just more of the same. Which is fine, but we were not really in a magical mood. In fact, we were tired, whiny, crabby and desperately in need of a day off.

I will say that the Mission Space attraction was fantastic. Kayleigh had been feeling dizzy and sick, so in our wisdom we went on the more intense option. There were barf bags inside your unit. Nice. Baggy, as we might say. Anyway, it was a great ride. Four people go together inside this tiny space where you are strapped in so you can hardly move. It is dark, and it spins and shakes and you experience massive Gs as well as weightlessness. Anyway, at the end of the ride, Kayleigh felt fantastic, and I was a little worried about myself.

The next day it was supposed to rain, so we said we'd have a down day. And it did rain, for a while. But when it cleared up, I wanted to go back to the coast. The kids were not pleased. I was not pleased with their whining and crying. It was not pretty. But we went. And we saw cool stuff. Like an armadillo. And these wild pigs.

It was a windy day and a little chilly. We had the entire ocean beach to ourselves. As if the kids gave a flying leap. But I did. We wandered up and down the shore for a while. Kayleigh finally went and sat in the car to warm up. She talked on the phone to her friend Sam, which made her feel much better and helped improve all our moods.

From there, we went on a drive through the reserve, which was gorgeous. The kids weren't especially impressed, but they were glad to be sitting.

We headed south to Cocoa Beach and got there just as the sun set. There was a surfing competition that day, but it looked as if the surfers and their hangers on were busy doing other things. Again, there was no one at the beach. Nice.

I did not get along with our rental car. It destroyed my back. Our bed and pillows didn't help, either. Something was bothering my skin, especially around my boobs and belly. And no, it wasn't sunburn. Those parts of me stay covered. My head hurt like you wouldn't believe, and every day I hoped I wouldn't hurl or faint from the pain. Eric worried that roller coasters would only make me feel worse. I worried that, too, but went on them anyway.

See in the picture how everyone's heads are down except mine? See how it flew backwards off the back of my seat? Can you hear my neck snap? I could hear it. It went, Crack! Snap!

I pulled it back into place and figured I'd be in to see the doctor when I got home. As it happened, it actually helped, and my neck and back have been almost normal since then. Guess I got a chiropractic appointment for nothing on the Scorpion at Busch Gardens.

So. We're out the door shortly.

One last funny: Around the corner there is a restaurant called the Crab House. It's right next door to Hooters.


aims said...

I can't help it - I have to say it again - I love everything Disney!
I didn't go on that space ride at Epcot because it said something about bad backs and weird heads - and The Man thought I shouldn't go on it either...I was bummed..but there you go....Glad YOU had a good time on it!

It has to be hard dealing with so many people on a holiday and not everyone always being happy. I'm not sure I could do that with any grace whatsoever...

Glad you had a good time...but you might be allergic to the sun - even with your clothes least sun that is that intense...

Amy said...

Ah, if it weren't for the Scorpion, my neck and back would probably still be in agony, and that ride had all the warnings, too.

I don't always gracefully handle all those personalities, either. It gets much, even for me, the mom and wife. Geez.

Definitely not allergic to the sun. I've had plenty of it in my life. I was starting to feel better the last couple of days.

As soon as I got into Chicago, I started coughing up a lung. As soon as I got home, I got a nose bleed. Then it started snowing. Unwelcome home. I could go back to Florida in an instant.

aims said...

Ya - me too! I love Florida and all you can do there...We were there in 2006 - for 6 was absolutely marvelous! We missed out on a holiday in 2007 when The Man changed jobs so the 6 weeks was meant to be.

I was amazed at the humidity - I had forgotten about that after having lived on the prairies for so many years now....but I tell you - my skin was silky after 6 - that's the only part I miss about humidity...

So glad you aren't allergic to the sun...I break out in a huge rash after a while - a huge ugly rash that is really thick - and so surprised me..I use to be a sun the rash is probably a result of all those years...sigh...

Too bad about your reception in Chicago...bummer....

Crystal Jigsaw said...

What an amazing trip. Swimming with the dolphins must have been totally fantastic. Amy would really love to do that at some point. I went to Disney 17 years ago and remember it so well. Didn't go on all the rides though, I like to keep my feet on the ground!

Crystal xx

christian said...

The picture of you and the girls on the beach with the moon... wow.