Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An unmagical post about Disney World

What can you say about Disney World that hasn't been said before?

We took the hotel shuttle. Giovanni, our driver, was pretty funny. As we passed through the gate, he said in his Italian accent, "Ladies and gentlemen, this makes the 36,423rd time I have seen this sign. In 50 years, I am gonna be drivin' a bus through this gate."

We love the FastPass option they have now. You put your park ticket into a machine, and it gives you an hour window when you can show up and go to the front of the line. It's fantastic. You get your own separate line to walk past everybody else. The catch is you only get one FastPass at a time. So, get your pass, go do other stuff until your time, then walk to the head of the line. Beautiful. The lines weren't terrible, anyway. The longest we waited without a pass was half an hour, and that was only once.

We started with Space Mountain. It just doesn't get any better at Disney. Way cool. Kelsey screamed the entire time. She loved it. We all loved it.

The animatronics throughout the park were quite a bit better than the last time I was there, which was 1982. They use some projection to make faces better. The kids thought it was cool but also a little hokey.

We had no trouble getting food. I had heard the lines were horrendous, and I was a little worried about what there would be for us weird vegetarians to eat. There was plenty, and the lines weren't long, and there were plenty of places to sit. We seemed to arrive just before the crowds did for every meal.

I was happy to go, happy to take my kids there.

I heard a woman talking the next day about Disney. She said, "You know what I don't like about Disney World? Everything is fake."

Duh. It's all about wishes, magic, imagination, fantasy, hope. I hope "It's a Small World" comes true. How about a day of magic? It sounds pretty nice.


MJ Krech said...

Seems to me like you guys found the MAGIC more than most do. Good for you!

aims said...

I love Disney - I have been 6 times now! That's a lot of money in their pockets out of mine..but I don't care.

There is something so magical about Disney...and I think it's for adults more than it is for kids.

You can lose yourself there..and be free and carefree! That woman was really missing something. Poor thing! If you can't see the magic and the wonderful dream that Walt Disney sad...

Go see the Haunted Mansion for me - just one ride.....sigh...

Amy said...

MJ, it was fun. It was hot. It was tiring. But I'm glad we went.

Aims, we went through the Haunted Mansion. It wasn't quite the same as I remembered it, but it's been a long time. Kelsey thought it was pretty fun and bought an invisible dog at the inevitable gift shop at the end.