Sunday, October 08, 2006


What's the deal with that word? Vituperative. I see it everywhere these days. Remember when iconoclastic was the word du jour? Or automaton? I'm going to make it a point to never use any of those words.

So, a midweek update. I'm supposed to be writing a paper, but the words aren't flowing well today. Mostly, I want to take a nap. And eat deep-fried cheese curds. Oh, so warm and crisp and gooey and salty and fattening...mmm.

Yesterday Eric got stung by a bee. While we were at American Players Theatre. Five minutes before the show started. He took a drink of his root beer, but he didn't notice that a bee had landed on his cup. He pressed the cup to his lip, and the bee was not terribly pleased about being squished and swallowed. So it stung him.

Eric started flailing and spitting. He threw his cup down and clawed at his lip. I figured out what happened. He said, "I just got stung by a bee."

I said, "Shit."

He pulled out his epi-pen, stretched his pants tight against his leg, and fired. He held it in a good, long time. I was impressed he remembered to leave it there long enough.

I said, "This is one play we are not going to see."

You see, a month ago, we were supposed to see this play. But someone in the family (OK, I admit it) got the time wrong, so by the time we would have gotten there, the play would have been nearly over. We were all disappointed and angry, but we bought new tickets, taking another gamble that an outdoor theater would have excellent weather the day we wanted to go.

It was a tremendous waste of money, but to miss it again! AAAHHHHHHH!

So, I'm sort of drained today. Eric is especially drained, but he is on a prednisone buzz. Poor guy.

Anyway, my paper. Eric says it is good. The feedback I got on my rough draft was warm, but not glowing. I just can't get interested.

And my newspaper has to go to the printer tomorrow. Gawd.


laurie said...

wake up! blog some more!

Amy said...

OK! I'm trying! I had nothing to say, now I have too much to say!

Amy said...

Oh, oh, oh--guess what? A speaker at the convention used the word iconoclastic! I nearly snorted.