Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a week

So, here I am with Dr. Drew Lipinski. He signed some copies of our newspaper. He was at the newspaper convention with and we ran two articles about HPV. So, go us.

Going to the convention really messed with school, and now it's mid-term, so we're all inundated with projects and tests and don't have time to work on the paper.

I finally got the paper out today, two days late. It's my first late paper, and I hope my last. Ah, well. I think it's a pretty good paper, though. Except for the mistakes, of course. Heh.

Now I'm going to sleep.


Kath said...

What does HPV mean for you? Because the only thing I can think of it standing for is Human-papillo virus... genital warts!

Did you know an Australian medical research doctor has invented a vaccine for HPV. The majority of cases of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV... so in effect, it's a vaccine against cervical cancer!

Sadly, it was blocked this week in parliament to go on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme... so it would cost a young woman $450 to get the vaccine. Female politicians and medicos and many other women across the country are campaigning to get it added to the PBS and make it free for women aged between 12 and 25 who have not already contracted HPV.

So there you go. Some information about HPV. Is it the same HPV we're talking about?

Amy said...

Yup, same info. You should have seen HIS slide show! Holy of holies!

Dr. Drew is a popular TV personality. He caters mostly to the younger set, trying to keep them healthy and informed.

During his talk, I noticed a guy across the aisle from me and back a couple seats. He was slumping onto the girl next to him, who looked a little confused. I thought he was falling asleep on her and that they were together.

But she looked really alarmed, then he started to convulse. I thought, "Shit!" and nobody else said anything, so I, me--ha!--interrupted Dr. Drew.

I stood up and pointed at the kid and said, "Dr. Drew!" Boy, you can't top that for fine use of language and first-aid know-how.

Anyway, the lecture ended at that point. It was kind of cool to see the guy being a real doctor on the spot.

The kid seemed OK but embarrassed. They shipped him off in an ambulance.

We--my trusty news reporter and I--interviewed Dr. Drew later, but we haven't actually written a story yet.

Another anyway, we had printed two articles about the HPV vaccine. One was a news story and one was an editorial. So he signed them for us. One of the things he mentioned in his lecture was that there's not enough coverage in college papers about health issues that affect people of college age. But we did it without ever knowing he'd be around to show off to.

That issue, by the way, took Second Place Best of Show, thank you very much.

STL Sarah said...

I'm so jealous... I used to watch Loveline every night when I was in high school. In fact, Dr. Drew taught me pretty much everything I know about sex.

Kath said...

So we were talking about the same HPV!