Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Youthenasia

St. Patrick's Day was my dad's birthday. He loved it. He had a green tie with little bits of orange, which pleased him since he wasn't Catholic. He usually was completely hammered by the end of the day, and very unpleasant to be around. One year, he was too trashed to even have his party, so I was a very disappointed little girl. We always ate the damned corned beef and cabbage, which I thought was horrible. Some traditions aren't worth holding onto.

This St. Patrick's Day started with Kelsey coming into our room at 7:01, saying her jawbone hurt. It was terribly swollen on her jaw and behind her ear. She looks like she has the mumps. She has no other symptoms. We took her to urgent care, where they just said it was a swollen gland, which I assumed. They said come back in a few days if it's not better, give her Tylenol and an ice pack. Kelsey was afraid the doctor was going to euthenize her. She said, "What if they have to kill me?" Poor kid.

We got home from the doctor and Kayleigh had sewn a frog prince while we were gone. It's cute. It has a cape and a crown with a jewel on it.

We spent last night at my mom's watching the boys' state basketball tournament. She loves watching the state tournaments. I rubbed her feet and greased 'em up while Milwaukee Vincent destroyed Kimberly. Her feet get so swollen. She has also been having a lot of chest pain, and it scares her. She's worried that any moment will be her last. She peeled her nitro patch off while we were there. She had left it on too long.


Kath said...

Poor Kelsey! I hope she's feeling better soon. Same for your Mum.

Amy said...

Thanks, Kath. Kelsey still is kind of swollen, but feeling lots better.

Lisa said...

When your Dad was lit up we were all always a bunch of GODDAMN FOOLS. I never thought that jived with him being so kind when he was sober. I have no patience for those under the influence.

laurie said...

your daughter sewed a little frog prince at 7:30 in the morning? you have wonderful and diligent kids.