Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the healing begin

So, I've been a bit under the weather. I've felt like doing nothing. I lie in bed, my mind is fine (just go with it), so I try to do something, and then I need to go lie down again. It's quite boring and makes me feel utterly useless. I even had a dream that Eric was leaving me because I was such a useless drip. I also started smoking crack in that dream. And tried to hide the smell by polishing my nails.

Anyway, I feel remarkably better today than yesterday.

Kelsey is also feeling better. She had a day yesterday that would exhaust a lumberjack, she ate like a lumberjack, then she spent the early morning hours ejecting it all. Fortunately, I had suggested a bucket be put in her room when she complained of a hurting tummy. Eric had the honor of holding it for her. I don't do barf well, I'm ashamed to say.

What is it about barf that gets me into panic mode? It's just barf. But if Eric is here to handle it, I completely flip out. I wasn't so bad last night because it was contained and we pretty well knew it was coming. When there's no cleaning of it, I do pretty well. But if it is all over the floor or the smell is strong, I nearly faint. I can't sleep the rest of the night. Every sound I hear is the child waking up to puke again and I freak out all over again, profuse sweating, heart pounding, full-body tingling, heavy breathing. When Eric's not here, it still upsets me, but I have a kid to help and soiled items to clean, so I have to keep some control. But what a spaz.

Do other animals detest vomiting so much? Most humans object rather strongly. I used to know a guy who said throwing up was natural and animals use it to heal all sorts of ailments, so whenever he felt slightly ill for any reason, he'd make himself hurl. Got a toothache? Upchuck to the rescue. Sprained ankle? Forget ice or Ace bandage. Try purging instead.

That was not a friendship that lasted. Opposite ends of the psycho spectrum.

Which way do you go?


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Amy,
Interesting post, but I fully understand where you are coming from with the puke thing. As father to two boys I have had to deal with a few times as well. Its not the actual act, as it is the clean up and the fuming about why they couldn't make it to the bathroom. Anyway hope you are feeling better, and staying dry.
I grew up in Green Bay by the way.
Ka kite ano,

laurie said...

i dislike it so much i refuse to enter into a discussion about it.

how's that for taking sides?

Amy said...

Robb, it's definitely the cleaning up that I hate. That and wondering if I'm next. Eew.

Laurie, enough said.