Monday, September 29, 2008

Kayleigh says my name should be Jo

Last week at the paper, a friendly debate began over the phrase "openly gay lifestyle." The parties involved agreed that being gay is a fine way to be, but they disagreed on "openly gay lifestyle." Two of the three parties involved were gay. The phrase was used in the paper in a quote by a woman who disapproved of any gay lifestyle. The article was written by the gay guy in the discussion. He had no problem with it. He thought it reminded people that not all in this world are free. The straight guy didn't like it because he thought it was demeaning. The woman (also gay) agreed it had negative connotations.

They started trying to figure out different ways to say gay and straight and every other manner of sexual identity that weren't so loaded. I must say, it was rather distracting.

So I chimed in.

"What do you call someone like me who's straight but everyone thinks is gay?" I asked.

"In the closet."


We settled on butch.


Eric said...

I, for one, have never thought you were gay. In fact, I thought you were the hottest straight woman I've ever met! One marriage, two kids, and 18 years later I still feel the same way. Got any plans for later tonight?

Amy said...

Golly, I thought last night was pretty satisfactory, but I'm definitely up for another round if you are.

christian said...

I was giggling after reading the post, then I read the comments! I'd tell you two to find a room, but it appears you already did...

Amy said...

The neighbor girl told us to get a room once, the little snot. I told her we had a room and put it to good use. She said, "Gross! I didn't need to hear that." Heh, heh, heh.