Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter is for Bunnies

We've spent the last week building a new rabbit cage. Ours was just too small for two big bunnies, and I always felt so guilty stuffing them inside at night. We'd looked around at bigger homes for rabbits, but we weren't impressed. They were horribly expensive (starting at $300) and not very nice, so we just built one ourselves.

We bought three boxes of white wire Organize It cubes from Target for $14.99 each and a couple bags of cable ties from Farm & Fleet (cheap). Kelsey and I started slapping the thing together, figuring out how big to make it and where to put stairs and ramps as we went along. At first we weren't sure what to do for flooring, but in talking it through we decided on a scrubable bathroom panel ($9) laid on a piece of chipboard we already had in the garage. Eric cut them to size and put some cheap casters on the bottom. We put down some carpet we had left over after last year's basement fiasco and a few towels, bought a couple of new litter boxes, a cushy bed and a couple of toys for a total cost of about $100.

It's three stories, 42 inches tall, 56 inches wide and 28 inches deep. There's a door at the bottom and one at the top so we can reach them up there.

And the dudes love it. They were in there nosing around before it was even done. Once it was finished, they didn't even get out with the door gaping open. They have lots of room to stretch, stand, flop and hop. They can stay close if they want to snuggle or they can get out of each other's fur if they so desire.

We feel better about having caged animals. We can't always pay attention to them, so on days they have to stay inside their cage, we're glad they have a nicer place to be. I think they're glad, too.


MJ Krech said...

Wow! Super kewl! What a great design! So clever! Love the levels and the ramps! If I were a bunny, THIS is where I'd want to hang out! Pat yourselves on the backs for a job well done! :)

aims said...

I didn't know that rabbits could climb!

Great job! So smart! You guys rock!

I hate paying some of the prices that are asked for things and usually end up doing something myself. Grrrrrr!

I often think of all the money some people spend because they are tool useless.

Heidi said...

You guys are super clever.

Now your rabbits have a larger house than ours.

lisa said...

That said, Squeez Bacon, like any other April Fools joke, is best served cold. Mwahahahahahahaha.

The meanest old woman I've ever seen was about your maniacal laughter.

There is a KG at my school who calls me Mrs. Rabbit, I have a tough enough time with being Mrs. Abbott.

Amy said...

Mrs. Rabbit, those kids will keep you hoppin'.

Heidi, if you'd like, we can make a penthouse addition and you can move in.

Aims, the benefit of being tool useless is that someone else does the work and your house doesn't get trashed waiting for a project to get done. Because, you know, we're not so great at finishing what we've started.

MJ, the rabbits still don't want to come out. It's kind of disappointing we've made them so happy.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Well the bunnies look happy enough and well done on building such a great home for them.

CJ xx