Sunday, October 25, 2009

Come on, get happy

I've started this post four times. Everything I write sounds so crabby and self-important I don't want to publish it. So, here are some happies instead. It's still self-important because it's all about me, but what the hell. I'll cap it at 20.

1. Apple pie. OK, any kind of pie. But if it's apple, mine, because mine is better.
2. Roses
3. Sprite with ice
4. Lit candles in every room
5. Finding a clip of a favorite old TV show on YouTube
6. Butt rubs
7. Diamonds
8. Black pearls
9. Real hot chocolate
10. Puppies, dogs
11. Kittens, cats
12. Girl rats, even with giant, horrible tumors
13. Eagles
14. Fresh bread
15. Art fairs
16. My mother laughing so hard she coughs
17. Kelsey dancing
18. Kayleigh talking
19. Eric holding me
20. The four of us playing a board game by the fireplace

How about you? What are some of your happies?

1 comment:

Lisa Abbott said...

1. The nice kids at my school
2. Successful shopping trips
3. Wisconsin in the fall
4. My mother's apple pie
5. Chile verde burritos
6. The new plants in my yard
7. My laser pen
8. Kissing a schnauzer
9. Thinking of visits to places I was lucky enough to see.
10. Thinking of Christine when she was a little girl.
11. Thinking of Paul when he was a little boy.
12. Gin and Tonic with lots of lime
13. A cold beer
14. Winning in Las Vegas
15. Seeing someone I don't like with a boogar stuck in their nose and they don't have a clue.
16. Chocolate
17. Going for a swim.
18. A good day on Wall Street
19. Going fishing with Cotton
20. My sisters