Saturday, January 16, 2010

Balance and flexibility: life's gymnastics

This has been a busy work week and still a tense one with my mom in the nursing home. I don't like having such important parts of my life so uncertain.

I thought freelancing would be a good way to have some flexibility in my personal and work lives. I wanted to work but also be available to my family. And mostly that's the case. But then I got a whole bunch of work all at once, and the thought of all that money and more recent clips sounded good to me. Gotta keep your name out there, right? It was also right around Christmas, which is a rather busy time, that I got all these jobs. I figured that'd be OK, though. Then my mom had her problems, and all of that piled together made me think freelancing wasn't quite as flexible as I thought.

For now, balance. I do what I can for whom. We'll see what the future holds when it unfolds.


laurie said...

freelancing is a tough way to make a living. you get flexibility within your day, but not necessarily day to day. if that makes sense. good luck.

Amy said...

Yup. I hadn't really considered that. I'm also easily distractible working at home. I need to improve on that because I just got two more jobs today.