Friday, May 28, 2010

40! Happy birthday?

This is my birthday cookie (and my unwashed hair). The cookie was huge, as you can see, and delicious. Highly recommended: Lady Fortunes. They make custom cookies for all occasions. Cool.

I recently turned 40. I'm not thrilled.

Turning 30 wasn't bad at all. I tend to think of the 30s as the heyday of adulthood. You're still young, but you've moved past your 20s, where people still treat you like you're 17 and don't know anything whether you know anything or not. You're often building a family and a career and your body hasn't betrayed you yet, or at least not much.

But 40. Forty is a time to reflect on how much youth you wasted, all the doors you've closed, a time to feel the creaks in your joints and examine the wrinkles on your neck - when did those get there? Your children are older and snottier and demanding more of your money and sucking you of your innate protective tendencies. Your parents are older and dottier and demanding you clean their bathrooms after you've picked up their prescriptions.

But 40. Forty is also a time to exploit your withering hormones and tell everyone exactly into which dark crevice(s) they can stick their, uh, demands. Forty is a time to do the things you were too afraid or too broke to do when you were younger. It's a time to re-live some of your glory days or live them the way you would have if you hadn't been busy with building that career and family. It's a time to reacquaint yourself with your partner now that the kids aren't sleeping between you. It's a time to eat at decent restaurants instead of cheap, family-friendly ones.

And it's a time to buy some new toys. Men get themselves a nice new sports car. And women, that is, this woman, got herself a nice new (used) motorcycle.

This is Julia Joy. I always wanted a Julia. And Joy goes without saying. Red. It matches the drum set I got when I turned 30. Heh.

I had a motorcycle years ago, but I sold it when Kayleigh was little. I wasn't using it and we needed the money. I always kind of regretted it, and every spring and fall since then I've looked through the want ads to see what's out there. This year, Julia Joy was out there. I love her and will take very good care of her.

Those milestone birthdays are so good for giving us an excuse to spoil ourselves. Bring on 50, baby.

Just give me a good 10 years first.


Lisa Abbott said...

My Julia Joy was a Dark green Kawasaki Bayou 400 quad. I loved it. I had so much fun riding it, some kids made some jumps near our house and I used to take a ride over there often, just because I could. I also loved to give my Fred and Ethel a ride on my quad because they rode in the front and they would allow me to nuzzle them and give them kisses. They may have been afraid they would fall off if they wiggled too much.

aims said...

40! I remember those days!

Turning 50 was actually a time of peace for me. I was finally happy with who I was and who I am.

5 years into it I just get more comfortable each and every day with myself. I don't have regrets - I just have acceptance of my past and I look forward to all the rest of my days.

Funny how the years change how you think.