Thursday, December 14, 2006

250 years old? Me?

Wow. So, I'm looking over my blog.

When I logged on yesterday, I decided to switch to the new beta version of Blogger. Mistake.

Today I checked my profile. I'm apparently 250 years old. No wonder I'm so uninspired. All the links on "favorite" crap are no longer links. And it's really jarring to go from that blue to a tan background when I look at my profile. There's no going back to the old version now that I agreed to the beta. Silly me. I should have known better. Especially after 250 years of experience in this world.


laurie said...

yuck, i'm glad you tried it first so i now know not to switch to beta on my family blog.

and you've got to get rid of that line that says you're boring and average. truly. it annoys me every time i see it because it's so patently untrue.

journalists should always be truthful, you know....

Amy said...

Hmm...I'll consider it.

Laurie, did you ever get a copy of A Tale of Two Wives? I think I dropped the ball on that one. People are probably wondering what happened. Anyway, I have it. I haven't watched it, but I can pass it along anyway.

laurie said...

no, i never did get a copy. i'm in no hurry, though. hang onto it until you get a chance to watch it....some time after graduation, maybe?

Kath said...

I think you should get rid of the middle aged bit too! You're not even 40 yet!