Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I can't keep track of anything lately. I mean to do things, I NEED to do things, and I just forget. Duh.

I have to get my resume in order. I'm going to a convention on Friday and they will do resume critiques. What utter drudgery. But it is a good idea.

For the most part, I have loads of work to do. I feel a little guilty when I do something for myself. But what the hell?

My hair is getting to look especially unkempt. It usually does, but it is now, as I say, looking especially unkempt. It makes my baldness in front show up more when it sags the way it's sagging now. I get my picture taken for the paper every two weeks, and the shine off my scalp is getting obnoxious.

Away with me. I have to write my profile of my nontraditional student. I haven't seen her since last week. It's a little worrisome, actually.

Anyway, eat some chocolate for me.


laurie said...

yikes. your convention isn't this friday, right? it's next friday? call me if you have time for a strib tour.

Amy said...

Right, next Friday. This Friday I have a different one in Wisconsin. And I'd love a strib tour. You'll hear from me.

I really, really hope it warms up before then.

laurie said...

don't fear. it's supposed to. even above 30, they said.
today it soared to ten above.