Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News: Woman's ass declared 51st state

Seriously, someone who would like to lose weight and get in better shape should probably not accept assignments to write about food. But seriously, someone with an ass with its own ZIP code is probably someone who likes food. So what do you do? You take the assignment and say it's all for the experience, for the clip, for the money – for the good of the reading public. And you giggle about your incredible luck in getting this plum assignment.

And then you go out and eat. And eat. And eat some more. You get drinks, you get appetizers, you get the entree, you get desserts. You have to be thorough or the readers won't get an accurate picture of the establishment. What kind of reporter would you be otherwise?


MJ Krech said...

Hey! How come I wasn't invited? I'd have come!

lisa said...


jan said...

I really think that is a plum assignment. I envy you. Order anything you want and never have to pay the bill. How are you going to do this with your vegeterian diet?

Amy said...

Marcia, I wish that could happen.

Lisa, again, you've nailed it so succinctly.

Jan, I had to pay, but I can chalk it up as a business expense. The restaurant had loads of vegetarian items, and because they actually make the food right there (unheard of, huh?) they can leave the meat out of things and use vegetable stock for others. We left very satisfied.

That photo on the front was one of our desserts. We shared. It was fantastic.

eric said...

That chocolate cake desert was really good. It was soft with a chocolate sauce in the middle. Kelsey went for the strawberries and whipped cream. I also liked the cappuccino ice cream that came with it.

Of course, the manager gave us permission to take pictures of the food and the place. But, we felt a little self-conscious taking them. We got a lot of funny looks.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Well, if you're going to have a State worthy ass, that's about the best way to do it. Beats hell out of twinkies and doritos.

aims said...

Wow! That's quite an assignment.

Guess they picked the right person to do it! :0)

Amy said...

Ah, Eric. I didn't feel terribly self-conscious. I'm getting used to it. If I'd gone up and shot someone taking a mouthful, that would be different. But I think we were pretty discreet. Let's go back and try more desserts.

RC, what's wrong with Twinkies and Doritos? I have packed on many a pound thanks to the family-size bags of nacho cheese. The crunch, the zing, the tang, the horrible breath – it's ambrosia.

Aims, sad but true. I'm so happy!