Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Old Photos

My cell phone has a camera on it. I use it to get snapshots now and again. Yesterday I dumped photos from the last year and a half or so. It's sort of a pain, so I haven't bothered. And we couldn't find the little thingy that lets us get them off the phone for free. These are in no particular order. Gotta love Blogger. And I'm too lazy to rearrange them.

Eric, Basil and Kelsey

Reese's Puffs frowning and crying

Mmm... cherries.

A little something for the Witches of Eastwick.

Kelsey in chalk

Smokers' lounge outside Madison Newspapers, Inc. Charming.

Turtilla. Kelsey has a thing about taking pictures of food.

My great-nephew Sam. I call him Sammo de Mayo because he was born on the fifth of May.

This year's pigs aren't as nice as last year's. But they still come to greet me when I visit the farm.

Snowtubing Kelsey

My mom having lunch at O'Malley's Jet Room, a fun spot to eat a lot.

My mom's retina. She has macular degeneration in her right eye.

Flat bread from Noodles eaten into the Apple shape by Kelsey.


Last year's pigs were so fun and cute. They've long since been slaughtered and digested. Poor little things.

Kelsey sculpted the cream from a few Oreos. Gross.

The glow of the computer on Kelsey.

The view of the Wasatch Mountains from my plane leaving Salt Lake City after my brother's funeral.

Snowtubing Kayleigh

Kelsey waiting while we fill out paperwork to buy our new car.

Eric's rain detector

A gorgeous swallowtail outside the swimming pool.

This bat hangs around Olive Garden. We saw it again this year.

My mother at rest

Kayleigh at the dinner after my niece's wedding in St. Louis.

This is the elephant that could scratch his foot with his penis. Nice.

This little fawn was lying in the grass outside American Player's Theatre last summer. So sweet.

Kelsey and I enjoying a Lake Mendota sunset at Picnic Point.

This is the car Kelsey wanted us to buy.


Kelsey waits for her soccer game to start.

My feet, Eric's cell camera.

Another shot from Eric of his favorite subject.

Kelsey at my niece's wedding dinner in St. Louis.


eric said...

I love carrying a camera around all the time. Lots of the magic of photography is just being in the right place at the right time while holding a camera. It's really fun to see these. It's like finding an old roll of film that was never developed and seeing what's on it.

MJ Krech said...

What a joy to see so many great shots! Thanks so much for these! Loved the one of you on the couch, Amy. Stunningly beautiful and don't you say nooo! It's a winner! Good job, Eric! Love you all!

aims said...

Great pics of everyone - I love your Mom! She looks like everyone's Mom doesn't she? Your daughter is too cute for words....

Now - that pic of all the cigarettes...come over and read my latest post.

laurie said...

your kids are waaaay cute. very lovely eyes.

Amy said...

Eric, yeah it was fun. I'm glad you found the adapter. And I'm glad it was you who lost it. Heh.

MJ, glad you liked them.

Aims, the cigarettes were gross. I'm glad you're healthy.

Laurie, I agree, as you might suspect.