Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Family time

Last Saturday was a lovely day, so we skipped out on work and had a little fun. We headed up to the apple orchard and spent a little time poking around in the woods that were pretty thoroughly washed out in this spring's floods.

It's so hard to get Kayleigh to look at a camera, and then not to make a disgusted face.


lisa said...

I think Fall is the best time of the year in Wisconsin. Were you at Art's Orchard? Not to be confused with Art the Fart's Crabby Appleton Orchard. And, is it true that if Kelsey had been a boy that you were going to name her Art?

Amy said...


Art's Orchard has a new name that I can't remember. The woman who works there talks so much you wonder if you'll ever get out, so I tend to stay away. Eek. We went to Ski-Hi. They had snow apples. Yum.

So not true we were going to name Kelsey Art if she were a boy. Art. Are you pulling my leg? We were leaning toward Andrew, Aidan, Eamon, or Connor. I wanted to have his initials be our initials, so, we considered a combination like Aidan Eric. Clint told me that Aidan was a culturally inappropriate name. What an ignorant and presumptuous thing to say. But then we had a girl and it didn't matter.