Sunday, October 12, 2008

Putting the bone in Blog to the Bone

So the other night, Eric and I got a little loud. Let's face it: I am a screamer. But, because I don't want to wake the neighbors or frighten the children, I usually restrain the primal yell well. Holding back the cries of ecstasy takes a lot of fun out of mingling our skin and secretions, however. And think how long until the kids move out. Ugh.

But on this recent night, Eric couldn't hold back the release of decibels that accompanies the release of Mt. Vesuvius.

"That was loud," I said. "I think Kayleigh's still awake."

"Gonna give her an education," he said.

Fast forward about 18 hours. We were all in the kitchen, and Eric dropped some utensil I can't remember. And what did he say?

"Mmwuhhh, arr, uhhh." Or something similar and similarly reminiscent of the previous evening's party for two.

And Kayleigh said, "You sound funny when you say 'mwuhhh.'"

Eric looked at me and smiled. I burst out laughing and finally left the room. Kayleigh was mystified. And I'm glad. Education is fine, but the finer points she's going to have to work out herself. At a much later date. And without an audience, if she's lucky.


lisa said...

Of course I was kidding about naming Kelsey "Art", you silly goooooooooooahhhahhhhhooose.

Amy said...

Ah, faith restored.