Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squirrelly Girl

So, I had this self-revelation over the weekend: I am squirrelly. When I can't work out my squirrellies through physical activity, I work my squirrellies out by eating. What a bass-ackwards way to live. And I've been doing it so long! You'd think I'd've figured it out a long time ago. I suppose I did, but I ignored it, invoking the Wagner family motto.*

I'm a squirmer. I've known that forever, and I've been driving people crazy forever. I need to wiggle, jump, run, kick, punch (Pads! I kick and punch pads!) spin, stand on my head, bounce on the bed and any number of equally boisterous things.

Being squirrelly doesn't lend itself to grade school, middle school or high school. Or college, for that matter, but at least in college, your classes are a mile apart and you have to haul ass to get there on time.

It's not demure or polite for a grown woman to bounce her leg up and down through boring budget meetings or tap her pencil during yet another PowerPoint presentation. At least at the paper, I got to stand and pace (sometimes on the table) when I ran the meetings.

Anyway, my little moment of self-understanding feels so liberating. Isn't it silly? I feel like I should toss my hat in the air and grin like Mary Tyler Moore, who really could turn the world on with her smile. (But that statue is creepy.)

Now – I'm hungry. Heh, heh.

*The Wagner motto is "Fuck it." For the record, the Knapp family motto is "Clear off a seat anywhere."


Eric said...

I think it's great when we have insights like this. I wish I would have figured out some basic things about myself when I was your age! You're lucky.

Lisa Abbott said...

I always liked it that you were the nouveau Wagner. The one who wasn't going to go into that long winded shit about the paper diapers. The one who admits to being less than perfect, a squirrel even. You're a wonderful squirrel who takes her kids to breakfast at the farm and sleeps in caves.

Amy said...

Lisa, thanks. You're going to give me a big head.

Eric, better late than never. Old fart.