Friday, July 03, 2009

Old Stuff

Good Will kicks ass. I went in for a small jar or cup or bowl or plate or something to put my pot shards in.

Did I write about my shards? I don't remember. I guess not. When I was in Santa Fe, Jackie and Dorothy took me to their friends' house for a picnic. Isn't it pretty?

The house is built on an old midden and shards just spring up out of the ground. Every time there's rain or good wind, they wander the yard and find something that hasn't seen the light of day for roughly 1,000 years. They have a huge bowl full of them – gorgeous things. Some have paint, some you can see where the coils were pressed together, some show the rims of bowls or handles of pitchers. They also have a giant velociraptor bone they found. Anyway, it was a very fun time searching their land. This is their front yard, where I found most of the shards.

The ones I found are small but so, so cool. Since it was private property and I had permission of the owner to keep them, my shards are totally legal. Apparently, you can't keep any artifacts found on public land.

Shard hunting is something I've always wanted to do, and it was such an unexpected treat to be able to do so. The shards are between 800 and 1,200 years old, according to the property owners, Joan and George, who did some research and asked some scholarly types about them, as well.

I wanted something to put the shards in so we could see them and take them out and touch them. And I'm cheap, so Eric and I went to Good Will. I love the stuff you find there.

A toast to the bride and groom.

Water bottle, water bong, water bongle – dude, whatever.

Eric got a new case for his glasses. It is hard plastic, closes solidly and has a nice, felt-lined interior. It also says NBA on it, but what do you want for 39 cents? He says he's going to put a sticker over the NBA logo.

Here are my shards in their new home.

I'm not sure I like them in a glass. A plate might be better. They'd be easier to see and pick up on a plate. But if I change my mind, then my 69-cent glass will be put to use in the kitchen and I'll head back to Good Will for something more suitable.


Eric said...

I love those shards. It is kind of amazing to hold them and realize how old they are.

Lisa Abbott said...

I am thinking another trip to New Mexico to buy just the right dish is in order. When I first moved out west I thought it was odd that Utahns referred to Mexico as Old Mexico. I guess I thought most everything Utahns did and said was odd.

aims said...

How wonderful to find these things in the ground like that!

I have to agree - a plate - to show them off better - to be able to handle them easily - all of that!