Saturday, May 30, 2009


Estoy en Nueva Mexico visitando mis hermanas y comiendo demasiado. Hace sol, pero las noches hacen frias y duermo en el portico. (No se usar los acentos, obviamente.) Las montaƱas son bellas, y hay mucho mas vegetacion que esperaba.

Hoy fuimos al centro para ir de compras. En el Palacio de los Gobiernos los indigenos venden joyeria que hacen – y que preciosa! No compre nada alla, pero compre un cafe y unos postres. Jaja.

Ya es la hora de siesta. Voy a poner unas fotos mas tarde. Hasta.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

Tomorrow morning before the break of dawn, I head off to lovely Santa Fe, NM, for a long weekend. On the Dallas-SF leg of my flight, I have a seat with removable arm rests for the advantage of the disabled or exceedingly large. Cool.

This will be quite the chicksperience, except for Lawrence, the lone holder of the Y chromosome. We will have me, whose XX status is pretty weak anyway, Jackie, Dorothy, Lee, Melva, Ruth, and Lawrence. Tana arrives after I depart.

Jackie is in the throes of chemo and so pretty tired and a little loopy, although she says her pain isn't as bad as it was last week.

I'm not sure how much I'll be doing as far as seeing the sights because Jackie is so tired, but I will be happy to be there with my family and friends. These wonderful people have brought me in as a sister, and I love them all.

So, see you all next week. Kayleigh turns 15 next Wednesday! Her quinceaƱera. Wow. Have some sangria for her, cuz she ain't gettin' any here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now I just wonder why

Kelsey climbed into my bed this morning, all lean and long and beautiful.

"You're so pretty," I said. "Sometimes I wonder how I made you."

She smiled and rubbed my arm.

"You used to be pretty," she said.

– Wait, it gets better. –

"Used to be?" I winced.

"How can you be pretty when you have bags under your eyes and you’re all wrinkly and pimply and you can see your big pores and your hair’s gray and all messed up?"

I no longer wonder how I made her. Now I just wonder why.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Meteorologists attribute recent strange weather patterns to a monumental sigh of relief believed to be heaved from the raspy lungs of a recent college graduate. Storm trackers and weather spotters have traced the center of these disturbances to a woman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison whose graduation and first annual 39th birthday nearly coincided with Mother's Day. The resulting forces have stressed the capacity of local officials to contain the mix of glee and contentment swirling around the flagship campus and surrounding area.

"Joy and relief are literally suspended in the air," said a source at the university who wished to remain anonymous because he did not have authority to speak officially. "We've been unable to locate the woman in question because she's apparently so happy she's bouncing all over town in a state of giddiness. I tell you, if she doesn't calm down, she's going to gulp all the air out of the city."

He suggested a job might be useful in bringing her down, but he worried that finding gainful employment would only exacerbate her excitement.

"I'd hate to see what would happen if someone hired her in this economy," he said, rubbing his forehead. "She might actually explode, and then where would we be?"

Madison weather gods Charlie Shortino and Gary Cannalte have combined resources to create the Super-mega-my-Doppler-is-bigger-than-yours3.15 to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the woman in question in an effort to restore weather patterns to normal. Shortino anticipates the sophisticated instrument will be activated by Monday morning.

"We'll have her found in no time, and then we'll settle her down," Shortino said.

Cannalte explained between laughing and high-fiving Shortino: "We're going to read to her from one of her unread textbooks the book store wouldn't buy back. That'll snap her out of it."


Psst! I'M DONE! And I couldn't be happier.

Thanks to my professors and advisers who've encouraged me and taught me so much. You've shown me possibilities I never knew existed and pushed and dragged and cajoled and held me up so I could see.

Thanks to my friends who told me to get my head and fingers out of my ass. You guys rock!

Thanks to my family for sticking by me these last four years. I appreciate all the support you've given me and the sacrifices you've made for me. The ride hasn't always been a smooth one, but I'm glad you took it with me. I love you.