Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Gathering

We've just returned from The Gathering of the Knapp Clan in honor of John's 90th birthday. We spent a few days at Lake Yawkey, enjoying lots of food and, more importantly, the whole fam-damily. We got to see siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and in-laws, depending on where on the family tree you're growing.

Here's John, the man of the hour, with his kids. We all got matching T-shirts to commemorate the day.

The babies were cute, of course, and I got to hold this gorgeous little one as he chucked all over the pickleball court. (No photos of that, unfortunately.) I forgot just how much one tiny tummy can hold. It was fun to be around babies again, all such darling and intelligent and sweet-tempered things.

We played in the remarkably clean lake, and Sarah got buried in sand. Sand castles were placed strategically over her body parts. I lamented there was no plastic crab to put in one particular spot. Here are her toes. We chicks spent Saturday morning celebrating Sarah's bridal shower while the guys ate a monster breakfast at Paul Bunyan's. I'm glad I'm a girl.

The visit was busy and brief, which is the way family get-togethers should be. Until we meet again....


STL Sarah said...

Love the pics. Love your girls. Loved seeing you all. Love you!

riley said...

is the cute bearded guy your hubby?

i agree that family trips should be brief. any more than 24 hours with mine and there's usually a small homicide.

Amy said...

Riley, the cute bearded guy is my man, yes. A small homicide...heh, heh. We got along very well. The lake and woods and outdoor games helped everyone escape, and things were planned so that the same two people didn't have to do all the work, which is pretty darned impressive.

Sarah, thanks for all the fun this weekend. We all love you lots. The girls are fascinated with that book (Going for the Bronze: Still Bitter, More Baggage). They don't understand a lot of it, and I'm glad. Eric isn't crazy about them seeing it, mostly because he doesn't want to explain every page.

Marcia said...

We had a blast and I loved seeing all of you. Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for all the help in the kitchen. I'm sooo looking forward to seeing all of you at the wedding. Kayleigh and Kelsey will look beautiful.

Saw the butterfly. I knew it was a winner while it was still "in" the camera!

Hope school goes well for you or hasn't it started yet?? I'm back at it. Yup...last one...I CAN do this...