Monday, July 24, 2006

It's academic

Gonna get me a education
I registered for school today. I'm not in a program, so I had to wait until open registration, which often makes for lots of busy signals over the phone and transfers to different departments. Today it also consisted of talking to real people--in person. Whoa.

I haven't taken the requisite course (English 1) to get into my Intro to Mass Communication class. I figure since I've already had Advanced Comp, three semesters of creative writing, two semesters of lit, and being the editor of the paper, English 1 is probably not necessary. And the English advisor on duty at the time ("He's the one sitting by the sign that says 'English Advisor.'" --yeah, thanks; I thought so) agreed, so I can stop feeling quite so arrogant.

So, I'm all set to take a history class--I honestly thought I'd make it through college without ever taking a history class--and my mass comm class.

Back to the subject of food...
As I drove home from school/work today, there was a flavor posted on the Michael's Frozen Custard sign which I'd never seen before: Kahlua fudge. So after dinner, we had to go there. Kahlua fudge was good. It was a lot like the cappuccino almond fudge, except it didn't have any almonds. I think I like the almonds. (Do you still have your nuts on your desk, M?)

I gave the grass jelly drink can a shake tonight. It sounds really revolting. Tomorrow before dinner, I'll pop it open and have a suck. Do people really consume grass jelly drink? Or did some marketing genius in the Philippines come up with some drunken bet with a buddy that he could get Americans to drink gelled grass?


riley said...

which history class?
and grass jelly juice or whatever the hell it is is a real thing. when i was in high school, my dad was the faculty advisor to the foreign students at his university, and we used to go visit the chinese students all the time (they were teaching my dad Mandarin) and have dinner at their apartments.
most of the food was terrific, but every now and then we'd be served a dessert of sweet bean curd or sweet rice and man to my 15-year-old taste buds, raised on chocolate chip cookies and brownies, that was revolting....

STL Sarah said...

That's gross. And you can TOTALLY BS your way through any history class. Trust me, I know.

Amy said...

The history class is Vietnam and America, 1945 to the Present, or something like that. The BS level depends on the reverence of the teacher, I think.

Mmm, sweet bean curd. I still haven't tried the grass jelly drink.

riley said...

blog every day, amy!
it's like flossing. once you start, you mustn't stop.
what happened today?

Amy said...

Riley, dahling--

I got completely wrapped up in my Johnson & Johnson's waxed mint and couldn't even stumble to the keyboard. Never worry, though. I'm entirely disentangled, my teeth sparkle like a Katamari, and my blog will sparkle, too. But not every day.