Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. We've made it 14 years. Yep, two seven-year-itches under our marital knots. So to all of you who said I was too young or he was too old--well, you had our best interests at heart, so thanks. But--nya-nya-na-nya-nya!!!

Eric spent the morning with Kayleigh in Milwaukee at Apple Camp. I spent the morning with Kelsey bowling (I'm still sore--man, I can't handle those balls the way I used to). Eric spent the afternoon & evening working the IT open house at work. I spent the afternoon watching Ice Age: The Meltdown at the cheap seats and the evening at Borders with the kids. Eric joined us eventually and we had some expensive treats, all four of us on an anniversary date.

Today was just a day. Went to the bank. Went to work. Went to my mom's. Came home. Oh! We went through a car wash on the way home. Kelsey's been bursting to go through a car wash, and today was the day. Woodman's, $3. It's adequate. You get what you pay for.

Also cheap at Woodman's right now are the one-pound boxes of Whitman's Samplers, only $2.99. They expire next week. (That means their sell-bys are next week, for those of you in other parts of the world.) Eat quick. That's not a problem here.

Tomorrow we go up to Eric's sister's for a family reunion, birthday party, and bridal shower. My, they are an organized bunch. Eric's dad is turning 90. Way to go, John! May we all live so long and so well.

I don't know if I'll have internet access while I'm away, so my random thoughts may not grace cyberspace again until next week. Take such care, everyone.


Cynthia said...

Hey! Happy Anniversary you two. I'll try to check in once in a while to keep up on what's happening with you.

John Mosman said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

STL Sarah said...

Nothing wrong with a little May-December romance! Obviously, it has worked perfectly for you guys. We knew it the first time we met you! Awww... And really, you're not that far apart. Congrats on 14 great years!!