Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cooler-than-thou and diva butt

Today we registered Kayleigh for school. According to her, all things school related are soooo lame. She even rolled her eyes when they tried to take her school picture. I wish they'd've taken the picture with the eye-rolling. It would at least be an accurate recording of this stage of her life. Frizzy hair, greasy skin, mouth agape, eyes rolling. Yeah. And her face really would have stuck like that. In print anyway.

My house is a complete disaster.

Tonight Kelsey asked, "How do you spell diva?" I laughed. I told her how to spell it, too. She wrote it on the butt of her Doodle Bear.


STL Sarah said...

My favorite Kelsey comment was when I tried to do some kind of special jump on the water trampoline and fell on my butt. "Watch and learn," she says to me. Love it! I spell diva K-E-L-S-E-Y.

riley said...

some day...SOME DAY....amy will blog again.


Amy said...

Yeah, some day. If I ever get out of my office again...I can't imagine what I'll do when I actually have to go to school on top of this.

riley said...

is it more than you bargained for?

Amy said...

No. I expected to be busy. I also expected other people to do their jobs. I've always been a little naive.