Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Tonight Kayleigh asked me, "What happens when you have sex during your period?"
I answered after a moment, "It's pretty messy."
She said, "Isn't it always?"
I laughed.

Got the first paper of the new school year out on time on Monday. I think everyone was pretty excited. I was, too, but not as much as I thought I'd be. I was thinking about the next issue. My advisor said that's the way newspaper people are - once the paper's done, they've moved on.

Here's a link. The graphic on the front is from last year's final issue, though. Oops. I'll have to nag tomorrow.

We'll see if that link works. I have trouble with links.

People have been walking in all week wanting to work. That's great. Three have already bagged out of their stories, though. At least they told me now instead of just running away never to be seen again.

So, let's just say from now on that I'll be updating my blog on Wednesdays. It seems to be all I've got. Most of what I write is fairly insipid, stream-of-consciousness BS. If you all wanted a theme or something profound, you're SOL. It's been my experience that my family and friends enjoy my babbling more than my deep thoughts anyway.


Amy said...

The fcked up graphic has been fixed.

riley said...

i like the dizzying swirly picture of you with your ed note.

STL Sarah said...

I like all your writings, whether they are ramblings or deep thoughts. Alhough I am a little troubled to think about sweet little Kayleigh even thinking about sex. I guess she's growing up, though. *sigh*

Lisa said...

Editor in chief, how cool is that? Maybe you are no longer link impaired, it worked when I used it.

Amy said...

My advisor didn't care for the swirly picture. He was worried about people who look like that being offended (snort) and putting my credibility in jeopardy by manipulating a photograph. I mentioned PhotoBooth in the text, although I suppose there are plenty of people who don't know what that is.

Kayleigh mentions sex and body parts pretty often. She's trying to get it all figured out. I'm glad she's open about her questions.

Editor in chief. A friend said he could feel the power emanating from my desk. Heh.

riley said...

your advisor was worried about people who look like that getting offended?

amy, trust me: nobody looks like that.