Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Not much happening on the personal front. Wait, here's something – Kelsey's Tamagotchi, Emily, died yesterday. It was its birthday. She was very upset. Crying, depressed. I felt so bad for her. I didn't realize a tiny piece of beeping plastic could mean so much. She reset the thing and named it Amy this time. She's sweet, huh?

I talked to a counselor at school yesterday. I wondered if I could transfer some of my UW classes to MATC and graduate. I had intended to do this when I first started at MATC in 2005, but I never bothered. If I had bothered, I would have graduated the semester I started. In the meantime, they've added an ethnic studies requirement that I've never fulfilled. I need it at UW-Madison, too, but I wanted to take it there. They have a lot more to offer than MATC for ethnic studies. I also can't get into J school until I've attended Madison for a semester, so I wanted to have something to do for a semester. I was hoping, too, that I could raise my GPA "in the major" by taking my ethnic studies class at UW-Madison. I got a BC in microeconomics back in 1991. I was pregnant and could hardly stay awake. I did the homework all of twice, I think. I got a B in statistics in 1990, which was a little disappointing. So, my suck-ass grades in those two classes give me a 2.75 GPA in the major, which is stomach-turning. If only grades transfered as well as credits....

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