Tuesday, January 02, 2007



My mom comes home tomorrow. She got out of the hospital last Thursday and has been staying with my sister in LaCrosse. She's pretty scared to be alone at home. She asked me to check on her every day. I will.


I'm listening to Kayleigh watch a movie she made with a friend of hers some time ago. Kayleigh sounds so much like me when she speaks. Her voice, her inflections. Well, OK, she has inflections that I only think I have, but to me it sounds like me.

School & paper

The spring semester starts for me tomorrow. Not classes, but the newspaper. I am wondering how many people will be writing for this back-to-class issue. I lost my news editor to a full-time reporting job. I'm really happy for her to have found a job. She was getting discouraged. She has a Ph.D in music, but no degree in journalism, which wasn't serving her well. My arts & culture editor quit school for personal reasons, so I need another one of those, too. My sports editor wants the A&C job, but I don't think that's going to work.

Painting a bedroom, eventually

I started emptying Kelsey's room. I was supposed to paint it last summer when I did the ceiling, which looks pretty cool. It's blue with lovely, puffy clouds. I tried to shape a few of them ever so slightly, so you can lie there and imagine what they look like other than puffy clouds. It was overwhelming trying to get all the crap out of that room. So I didn't. I hardly got any of it done. But I did lie down for a while and look at the clouds.


laurie said...

i'll come work for your paper! now that my paper has been sold i could easily lose my job any time. ditto my husband, and the paper he works at. every journalist i know is filled with despair these days. the philly ink is laying off 70 people from its newsroom tomorrow. seventy! on top of the 80 or so they laid off a year ago.

it's not too late to go into dentistry. or auto mechanics. or mergers-and-acquisitions. for me it is, but not for you.

Amy said...

Crappy New Year, eh? Sorry to hear about the uncertainty in your job. The stress must be awful.

As for finding a different field, nothing is set in stone for any of us.