Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Falling further behind

I'm already a book and a half behind in school. Usually I have the books read or at least skimmed before class starts. Not so this time.

My sports editor "quit" last week. He's not leaving a very big hole. I found a guy who seems pretty excited to write sports, but he doesn't want to be an editor. That's fine. I'm used to not having one. It would be nice to have one, though.

Editing is fun. It's fun to take a bunch of blank pages and turn it into something. I like fussing over where to place a photo and finding spelling errors in bylines and giggling about what a stupid headline we wrote. I really like doing what I do. I'd like it a hell of a lot more if the people I worked with gave a rat's ass, though. How do I inspire my staff? They like being in the office, but when it comes to getting the work done, their innate shyness seems to kick in, and they won't talk to anyone to assign a story or write one. It's part of the communications field, for balls' sake. I'm hardly outgoing myself, but, geez, there's a job to do.

Tonight I have to do the business taxes. Pray for me. Tomorrow I have to take my mom to the doctor and find sources for my history paper. Pray more.


Eric said...

OK, I will pray for you. How do I do that again?

Amy said...

Depends. Are you a raise-two-hands-and-wailer or a genuflector or here-is-the-church-and-here-is-the-steeple, little boy pray-er?

Thanks. All prayers are gratefully received.