Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from St. Louis

We're back from Sarah's wedding.

Sarah looked beautiful, of course. And so did my kids, I must say.

We arrived on Thursday and went up in the Arch. That was pretty fun. No line, even. We just showed up and walked on. You have to ride up in little pods. The pods looked like something out of a cheesy science fiction movie. Four minutes up in a hot pod, get out, look around, feel the Arch sway in the wind, back down.

We went on a horse-drawn carriage ride, too. That was pleasant and touristy. People waved at us.

Friday we had the bridesmaids' luncheon. The kids ate cookies, apparently. I thought the sandwich was good. I hope that they someday stop turning their noses up at things and just eat them even though they're not chocolate.

Later came the rehearsal. People were screwing around and Kelsey got lost in the shuffle of the walk down the aisle. It was very upsetting for her. I don't think people without kids understand how hard it is for a young child to be thrust into an adult situation. This was a really big deal for her, an important thing she wanted to do just right. She was pretty nervous, and to have someone else blow it and screw it up for her was frightening and disappointing. She did OK in the wedding, but she was sure not smiling.

Not like the flower girl, who was utterly giddy. Very cute.

The rehearsal dinner was enormous and the food was delicious. There was even tiramisu that wasn't soggy. Thumbs up.

Wedding day came, lovely ceremony (Kayleigh was blessed by a nun), and afterwards the girls traveled around the city with the wedding party taking photos. It was hot and sunny and they all got a little pink. Short break, then the reception.

Again, good food. Also a good jazz band. The kids were tired, so we bugged out about 10.

Kayleigh will be glad not to wear that dress again. It was a bit snug. I bought her her pants size, and should have gotten her a size up. She has smaller hips than she does chest and gut – she has that apple shape, not the pear. Eric's side of the family has these big, barrel chests – huge rib cages and broad shoulders. Kayleigh got that. I'll have to remember that when I buy her clothes. She looked great, though. I kept telling her that women's clothes get more uncomfortable the better they look.

Sunday was a brunch with the parents of the bride. Again, good food. My, St. Louis has good eats. Afterwards we went to the zoo. We were told it was nice, and it was. It was cool and drizzly, which was also nice. The thought of 95 degrees and St. Louis humid would have kept me away.

Quick (relatively) and quiet drive home. I'm spending today putting things away.

I came home to my first story on the front page, which was pretty cool.

I'll post pictures later.


laurie said...

that sounds like a very nice wedding.

my nephew is getting married in august in california. i'll be there but fortunately i won't have to wear anything particularly uncomfortable.

Amy said...

It was fun. I'll get some pics up soon.

So, madam comfort, what do you get to wear to the California wedding?

Kath said...

Definitely want to see some pics!

Amy said...


STL Sarah said...

The girls looked beautiful. It was so fun having you guys here! I hope that Kelsey had an ok time- that really pisses me off that the wedding planner f-ed up. I hope she knows that she did a great job.

STL Sarah said...

Kelsey, not the wedding planner, did a great job.

Amy said...

At the end of it all, Kelsey was fine and happy again. She gets very nervous about things. Kayleigh gets nervous, but in a different way, and she keeps her confidence. Kelsey kind of freaks out. I'm still learning that about her. She's usually very sure of herself, but every time she's had to "perform" in some manner, she's just about puked.

You never know how things are going to turn out. I've been to weddings where the adults couldn't handle it, either. It's quite a sight to see a grown man faint as he's walking down the aisle.

I'm really glad the kids got to be in the wedding. They felt very honored that their fab cousin wanted them to be a part of things. So thanks!

...and I'm writing the check right now...