Monday, June 25, 2007

Peach Pie & Raspberry Tarts

Yesterday we went to my mom's to say goodbye to my nephew Brendan. He's heading to Vancouver for a visit with his dad, who is ill and returning from China. Then he (Brendan) will be moving to Seattle to try to find a job. He had been living in Japan for about 18 months, I think, and came here for about a month this time.

So we made a peach pie to take along. The peaches have been good and peach pie is about the easiest pie in the world to make, so we did. I love fresh peach pie. I don't like the kind you bake. It makes the peaches too mushy. I just make one crust. We brought vanilla ice cream to go with the pie. It was a nice summer treat.

We made raspberry tarts with the leftover dough. Our raspberries are ripening bit by bit. Kelsey loves making tarts. She mashes the fruit a little, and adds a little sugar. For the crust, we use a biscuit cutter and push the little circle of dough to the bottom of a cupcake pan. They're shallow and cute. With these raspberry tarts, she got the raspberries in, then put whipped cream on top and drizzled a little raspberry juice over the cream. Mmmm.... They'd cost a fortune in a restaurant and not be half as good.

I guess Brendan got onto the bus OK. He got a ticket to Vancouver for $90, and you sure can't drive or fly for that. He might have been happy to drive now that he's got a driver's license. He borrowed our station wagon for the test (twice). He's pretty pleased. I hope he finds a job he likes in Seattle. We'll be thinking about him.


Kath said...

Ok, I would like raspberry tarts when I come to visit please!

Got your postcard of the arch today, muchas gracias! That's a LONG postcard!

Amy said...

Well, I'll have to freeze some raspberries. The raspberry harvest will be done in a few weeks. But the tarts will still be good ... as long as I get some raspberries frozen.

laurie said...

don't you get a second batch of raspberries right around labor day? we do. they're usually sweeter.

but your goodies sure look delicious.

Amy said...

Nope, we just get one crop. We don't have the ever-bearing variety. We planted some, but did it wrong then left for vacation and they were dead by the time we got home. Oops.