Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to School

Today we started the back-to-school shopping. I am not the kind of person who will drive 20 minutes to save two cents on three folders. I just go to Shopko and spring the extra dough. I think it cost me an extra 59 cents or so not to drive all the way across town for the door-busting deals at other stores. I'm glad to have stayed in my little city.

Over the years, we've amassed quite a lot of school supplies. I use up the used stuff that's in mediocre shape and give the kids the leftover new stuff or barely perceptibly used stuff and buy them whatever else they need. The list this year for Kelsey was tiny. We bought two folders and one notebook. I let her get new crayons just because they were 20 cents a box (I know, they were cheaper at Staples) and the sharp, new points are nicer. God knows we have enough crayons to last several lifetimes. I am not kidding--my mom gave me all my leftover crayons from when I was a kid--a full lard bucket's worth. These days, when I find crayons that are broken or ugly, I throw them the hell away. Sshhh...

Kayleigh will get her supplies later. Then we'll go clothes shopping. Ugh.


laurie said...

you can get crayons for LESS than 20 cents a box? why bother?

i love new crayons. and pads of paper, and new pencils, and those little round scissors and pots of glue. love love love them all.

which is funny, because i didn't particularly love school.

Amy said...

Pots of glue...remember the smell of the white paste and the little stick and how the glue would get all over the outside of the jar and how fantastic it was to get a new jar after yours had gotten dry and yellow and icky?

Or do you mean those nasty brown bottles with the rubber tops with the slits in them and you had to squish them just right to make the glue come out and then it would never stick anyway, and this crust would get all over the rubber part so no glue would come out?

Kids use glue sticks now. Much handier. Until they decide to unscrew them all the way and they won't go back in their sticks.

laurie said...

the nasty brown bottles you speak of are rubber cement.

we used those in the newsroom during my first years at the paper.

i was speaking of the white plastic jars of paste. i guess some kids ate the paste, but i never did. i just liked sticking things together.

christian said...

I remember taking a full page or 2 to the store for supplies! Hopefully by the time my kids are in full swing at school they will be given the equivalent of a blackberry/iPhone with all their texts and supplies already in it. (Any chance Eric is already working on it?)

Amy said...

No, not rubber cement. I LOVE rubber cement. I call it booger glue.

The stuff I meant was in a skinny, bottle with an angled, rubber tip. It was very runny and never sticky. I haven't seen it in years. It was my dad's glue of choice, although I can't figure out why since the stuff didn't stick, nor can I remember him ever gluing anything.

Eric is telling me as I type that the stuff I'm talking about is mucilage.

Yup, I just google imaged it, and that's what it is. Mucilage. Eew. I always thought of mucilage as colorless, though.

Amy said...

Christian, two pages?! When Kayleigh was in fifth grade, they were very particular about what to buy--what colors she had to have, what size and color binders were expected, even what brand of scissors were required. Pretty silly. Needless to say, I've bought a lot of school supplies over the years.

You will, too. And it's fun.

I hope Kate is recovering well and that you and the boys are enjoying having another female in the house.