Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain, rain keeps falling down

Between the drops, here's what I've been up to:

Writing a lot of stories for a job that wasn't supposed to start until September. The more experience, the better, and I'm happy to have the money. The fact that the editor buried what, to me, was the most important story on p. 14 only adds to my suspicions about that whole subject and has my inner conspiracy-theorist turning quite red.

Watching French & Saunders clips on YouTube.

Watching the water rise in the lagoon. It's crested the big ole boulders along the banks and is creeping up my neighbors' yards.

Watching the sand trucks haul more sand down to the islands around the corner. Those neighbors get free bags and free sand and free membership to the Belle Isle back-breaking club for the duration of sandbagging. They don't call it a flood plain for nothin', folks. I'm glad I live on a hill.

Trying to mow the lawn. I said to Kayleigh, "I'm going to go out and see how much of the lawn I can get mowed before it starts to rain again." I got as far as pulling the lawnmower out of the garage. It was dibble-dibble-dop rain, so I just went ahead. Then it got to raining harder, and I was getting pretty wet. I finished the front in plain old pissing rain and decided to quit. Back in the house and stripping out of my wet clothes, the skies let loose in full force again.

Watching Star Wars with my kids.


Back-to-school shopping for Kayleigh, who decided she really didn't need or want any new clothes. Fine, I say. She hates clothes for girls her age. I can't blame her. I felt the same way when I was her age. We were looking at shirts. The colors that aren't "gacky" have horrid things like skulls or hearts on them. Or Elmo or Hello Kitty. Shirts went from barely covering the nipples last year to fully covering the butt this year. She just wants something plain in the middle. Nothing garish, nothing mommish, nothing so stylish that it will be passe by the time school starts. We did find her one shirt in the misses' department, and we got her a new pair of shoes that she is delighted with. Delighted is always nice.

Trying to control the savage inside me that thinks I need to eat ice cream and pie for every meal.

Wandering around the house in a frump because Eric is out of town dodging tornadoes instead of raindrops. Sheesh.

Hauling wood. Fall is coming.


laurie said...

hmmmm. i think you DO need ice cream and pie for every meal. time to lay on a supply of fat for winter. at least, that's how i usually spend my august....

laurie said...

ps stop doing laundry and hauling wood and stop by the dogblog. i have an award for you.

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely blog, I found you via Laurie.

Amy said...

Thanks for the award! I'm honored. Now I need to spread the greatness.

My fat supply is more than adequate already. I'm plotting my September, though: I'll be downtown, which means oodles of excellent restaurants. Should I eat out after my first day of school or wait until I've finished a week? Should I work my way up the sunny side of the street and back down the shady side, each day trying a new place? Goodness--so many possibilities.

Amy said...

Cait, thanks for visiting. Please have a look around. I'll stop by your blog shortly. Take care.

laurie said...

yeah, this month i was going to lose the five pounds i put on when we got back from paris. instead, i seem to have gained a few more. grrrrrrrrr.

Amy said...

Annoying, isn't it? Oh, well. I figure I've earned every fat dimple, every wrinkle, every gray hair, so I might as well keep it up.