Monday, August 27, 2007

Raining and Riding

Well, it's raining again. Very windy, too. Ooo! Lightning just tripped the recloser. Pow! Right now! Kelsey's tree is whipping around, looking like it's made of Silly Putty. It's quite unpleasant.

Over the weekend, before I mowed the lawn (ahem), Kelsey had her first riding lesson. Kayleigh rode Shorty, got him good and tired, then it was Kelsey's turn. She has been wanting this for a long time. Farmer Dave put smaller stirrups on and helped her up. She's a strong, wiry kid, and just zipped right up and into the saddle. Dave led her down the aisle, and she did some zig-zags and balance exercises. She seemed confident and attentive. She's looking forward to the next lesson.

P.S. Sorry about the crappy photo quality. They were taken with my phone.


christian said...

Thanks for the link to Rev Currie. My conservative roots have birthed some more traditionally liberal fruit over the past 5 or so years in regards to the Social Gospel, so I'm interested in hearing some of his sermons and such.

laurie said...

i still think it's amazing that anyone can take a picture, crappy or not, with a portable telephone.

Amy said...

You're welcome, Christian. I'm fairly ignorant, but I enjoy his blog.

Laurie, I still don't know how to use lots of the features on the phone. It's a phone, after all. I'm not really interested in playing Tetris on it, or sending emails, or setting alarms. I just want to be available when my family needs me.

At Kelsey's lesson, I stood there thinking, Shoot, I should have brought the camera. Then I remembered my little camera phone in my pocket. And if it weren't for camera phones, I wouldn't have that spiffy picture of me with the ever-dapper Dr. Drew.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Don't apologize for the quality of the phone pictures. I can barely make a phone call with mine, much less a picture.

No surprise that my kids can make it turn cartwheels and jump through hoops.

-Ann said...

Amy - Congratulations to Kelsey on her first riding lesson. That's very exciting. I remember mine like it was yesterday (it was very, very, very many yesterdays ago) and all it involved was bathing, grooming and saddling. No riding until lesson #2! My problem with my mobile is that I can take pictures with it, but it's nearly impossible to get the pictures off of the phone. I lost the CD with the crappy software and am not sure where the adapter to connect the phone to the computer is either. I really must suck it up and learn how to use Bluetooth. (I'm philosophically opposed to bluetooth because it has such a stupid name.)

Amy said...

Rotten--may I call you Rotten?--I remember running laps around my parents when it came to technology. I wrote out detailed instructions and made a flow chart for my dad to be able to use the VCR. He never did get it. Kids are more interested, I think.

Ann, welcome! Kelsey was so pleased. She's been waiting so long. I wanted her to be strong enough and mature enough to be able to handle it if anything went wrong, as it did with Kayleigh a while back. As for the pictures, my husband is a gadget and gizmo guy, so we have it all on hand. And I can ask him how to do anything when I forget. I do forget.