Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cleaning House

I cleaned the stove today. No, I'm not coming down with something. I even wore gloves to keep my fingers from getting torn up.

My house is cluttered. I'm trying to think up how to make things fit better. Maybe move the piano into the dining room and get rid of the dining table. If we do things well, we don't need it. We could use the computer table to eat dinner on. Although that's a little weird. Usually we eat at the breakfast bar, which I hate because it's too small and it means the dining room is too cluttered to use.

I've been trying to clear crap off my computer, too. I found this lovely while cleaning. It's a stitch.


Sweet Irene said...

I could only watch the video with the sound off, because Eduard is still asleep, and I am sure I missed something vital. I will have to come back later.

Decluttering your house is always a good idea. Start by getting rid of stuff you think you've become attached to. I am a great one for tossing things out and never regret it.

It does seem overwhelming when you have yo make a start, doesn't it? Take it one room at a time and remember to have lots of trash bags and cardboard boxes handy.

Lola said...

I can't remember how I reached your blog (sorry) but in my obsessive way I had to read it from the start! I'm hooked now.

I loved the spiders, I thought it was going to be sooo educational. With the sound off, it almost is...

I'm cleaning out too, but the thought of looking into the dusty corners of the computer as well is too much.

laurie said...

ha! that video is hilarious. i wonder if you downloaded it from my blog? i posted it many months ago. a friend from duluth sent it.

don't get rid of your dining room table.

Amy said...

Irene, you need to turn the sound up. It's funny. As far as tossing things, I'm not so good at it. If it were just me, I'd get rid of half my house. But my daughters have been very attached to all objects that enter the house. I think I'm too young to have accumulated so much stuff.

Lola, thanks for visiting! I can't believe you read my whole blog! And you stayed!

Laurie, I love that video. A woman I wrote a feature on sent it to me last year. I don't remember seeing it on your blog. Musta missed that one. And, yeah, I think I want my dining room table.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to come and stay with me and help me declutter my house?!! My over needs a complete clean so that I can sell it.

Crystal xx

Amy said...

Ah, but, CJ, once you clean it, you might want to keep it.

And cleaning other people's houses is much more fun than cleaning your own. I'll be right over.

Hey, that's a great idea for a rather productive coffee klatsch. Instead of stitch 'n' bitch, we should make clean 'n' caffeine. We can take turns cleaning each other's houses, and reward ourselves afterward with some delicious, hot coffee.

It would certainly inspire me to clean up knowing people were coming over to clean. Scary.

aims said...

When my friend cleans she says she has to debrise...guess we all have words for getting rid of the junk we gather.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That video is a riot. I think I've taken care of some of those spiders.

Amy said...

Debrise--that's great, Aims. I'll try that one on my family.

RC, I laugh every time I watch that. "... and popped a cap in his ass."