Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fat Tuesday

OK. I've been crabbing about my weight and my lethargic body and soul. And everyone has been so nice telling me I look great. Thanks! I really do appreciate it. But I need to get in better shape. I just feel icky. Here is the damage:

158.8 pounds, 36.6 percent body fat.

When I got married, I weighed 122 and had 20 percent body fat. I could do push-ups as well as any man and kick anyone in the head, even if they were standing next to me.

Even then, my thighs had dimples and rubbed together, and my belly stuck out farther than my boobs. That hasn't changed.

It sucks to weigh more than my dad did. Mostly it sucks not to be able to kick people in the head anymore.

Well, OK, I couldn't kick everyone in the head. The largest person around was 6'7" and I got him good more than once. So, over 6'7" I don't actually know.

And I suppose I couldn't do push-ups as well as, say, professional football players. But I held my own against the men, and they knew it. I always tried to be faster than at least one man I was training with.

The coolest thing was that I could scare great big men who outweighed me by 150 pounds. I think I only scare my kids now, when I'm on a cleaning frenzy, which is rare.

So, from now on, I'll post my weight and body fat every Tuesday. Maybe it will help inspire me to stop eating so damn much and get off my extra-large, oh-so-squooshy buns. Kelsey likes me better squooshy, she says.


laurie said...

i admire you for being so determined and being so public. good for you!

and not to derail you in any way, you're not exactly obese.

for me, losing weight is motivated by lack of energy: when i get heavy, i get slow and tired.

and i like having a lot of energy.

also, i don't want to have to buy a bunch of new clothes.

good luck. i'm with you.

Sweet Irene said...

That's quite a commitment you have made. We will all be witness to your efforts at becoming that shit kicking woman again.

You are not badly overweight and it shouldn't be too hard to shed those extra pounds. You looked good in your picture and you seem to be a tall girl.

It is hard when you have kids and there is always all sorts of temptation around the house. Kids don't like celery sticks and carrots.

Good luck, I bet it will be easier than you think.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You've got balls, woman. To put those numbers out there for the world is a brave thing to do. And even though you're not at 120 I think you look fine. Honest.

But, I think it really is all about how we feel about our weight more than the weight itself.

Here's to you feeling good about those numbers.

MJ Krech said...

You've got more nerve than I do, telling the "whole world" what you weigh. Eegads! But given your height, you are what I would call "normal." Your skinny, young weight really can't sustain a grown woman with kids and responsibilities. That's the hardest part, finding the place you'd be comfortable at, somewhere in between that skinny girl and that not-so-skinny woman. There is a good compromise in there somewhere, Amy! You'll find her. I think Laurie's idea of wanting lots of energy is a good place to start. You go, girl!

And hey, when does your new job start! We're all gonna want a good rundown of your first day, you know!

aims said...

I always say I won't swim in the ocean because the sharks will get me because I'm soft and buttery.

The same goes for walking in the woods - the bears will eat me for sure!

Amy said...

Thanks for being so supportive. I like being a ballsy woman. So much for penis envy, Dr. Freud.