Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creaming emo

Last year, at The Clarion, Kari, Lauri and I were screwing around about 5 minutes before the deadline for submission to the Yahara Journal, MATC's student fine arts publication.

"Let's write a poem, the three of us, right now," I said.

Lauri and Kari looked at me with their usual mix of skepticism and amusement. I really am hopeless sometimes. But I wouldn't be deterred.

"Come on, let's write one. One line each. We can do it," I assured them.

"What, now?" "Huh?" "What?"



"OK, I'll start. Here. I'll write a line, then you each add one. It doesn't have to make sense," I said. "Let's see if we can do one in less than 30 seconds. Here: My coffee is black today."

Boy, they looked at me funny, but Kari was quick: "As black as my soul."

Our heads turned to Lauri.

"So I added cream." She said it just like Helen Hunt on "Mad About You," then she laughed her loud, hoarse, chemically treated Lauri laugh, a laugh well-known for its ability to carry several miles and peel paint the entire distance.

And, here it is, published in a 'zine. It didn't make the cut for paper publication. That would have been too cool, our quickie poem. What a funny thing to find today while I was looking for something else.

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