Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another find

I was looking at stuff on my computer tonight instead of doing my homework. Sorry, Eric. Anyway, I found this. The girl has got some zest.

Kelsey's bathtub wisdom
Dec. 10, 2006

There's more to life than just life!
blue-footed boobies butterflies kangaroos koalas apples birds cats dogs movies popcorn


MJ Krech said...

Another reason why I wish you all lived down the street from us!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

another writer in the making...

Sweet Irene said...

How old was Kelsey when she wrote that?

Make sure that doesn't get lost.

I love blue-footed boobies.

Whoever would have thought of it?

Amy said...

Marcia, I wish the same thing.

It takes a lot to get that girl down. She is so enthusiastic.

RC, you can never tell. I think she might make a pretty good nurse, actually.

Irene, Kelsey was 7. She is a vibrant little girl. She's 8 now.