Sunday, February 17, 2008

The hands that hold me

This is a picture taken a year ago today. Kelsey and Grandpa. We were in the twin cities for a convention. While I went to conferences, Eric and the kids hung out with Eric's dad, John. I asked for pictures of their hands together.

John is looking to leave the cities and find an assisted living home near one of his kids. He's enjoyed big city life, but needs to be nearer his family.

Yet another blizzard here. It started with rain, switched to sleet, now it's snow. It's really quite eewy.


Rash Vows and Beautiful Grandchildren said...

Hi Amy - Unbeknowst to you, I read your blog with every post. Yours is one that I always check. I so enjoy your writing - many of these posts could be a column! I am watching your attempting to work 2 jobs, go to school and parent. I had similar issues both with starting in court (ran to the bathroom before court for the first 6 weeks) and with the struggles of trying to find a balance. Just keep what is really the most important to you always in your mind and you will be fine. Keep up the good writing and I will try to be a more faithful "commenter1"

laurie said...

what a sweet picture.

you guys must be heartily sick of snow.

MJ Krech said...

Hi, Amy - Our Sarah is in the hospital again with that same issue, some sort of bile duct thingy. She's going to have the procedure tomorrow, hopefully, and will be out of work for a while, maybe two weeks. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers! Love you!

Sweet Irene said...

John's hand doesn't look that old. It could be the hand of a 50 year old man. I imagine he is all alone and that is a sad situation. It is not good to be alone when you are older. You need your family around you. It is hard when such distances are involved the way they are in America. Everybody lives far away. Get him as close as you can. It will be good for the kids too.

Amy said...

Laura, glad you visited. I think you probably had a bit more pressure on you as a new lawyer than I do now. I've always wondered how you handled it. Thanks for the good advice. It resonates.

Laurie, it's still snowing. Oddly, it's not bothering me at all this year. I think it's because it snows so much that it stays white. Ugly, melty, brown, gray, dirty snow is depressing. But this isn't bad at all. Kayleigh thinks it's too bright.

Marcia, sorry to hear about Sarah. She had mentioned she wasn't doing so well. I hope she's mended soon.

Irene, people have misjudged John's age for decades. He's in his 90s. It looks like he will probably head south to Missouri, and I think that's good. South is good, especially as you get older.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That's a really nice picture, Amy.

Winter needs to go away. It's miserable here and I'm sure it's ten times worse there.