Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Award

Sweet Irene has given me the lovely and awesome Bloggers of the World award. Way cool stuff. Thanks, Irene!

I'm passing it on without looking to see who has it. When I look, I can't pass things on because people already have them.

Marcia because you keep family stories and traditions and the world needs family stories and traditions.
Laurie because you have people from all over the world visit your blog and you visit blogs from all over the world and if you get any more awards they will fill their own universe.
RC because everyone in the world should visit your blog.
Aims because your blog is out of this world.
Crystal Jigsaw because your blog is in a very different part of the world than mine is.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much. I am really honoured to receive this.

Congratulations on receiving it yourself.

Crystal xx

laurie said...

blogger of the world! i love it. it's better than Miss America.


MJ Krech said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm honored. I know you appreciate family stories as I do. Check out "Be Mindful" for a new-old 50's story!

aims said...

Thank you ever so much for thinking of me Amy! I always get quite overwhelmed with an award...

Another reason for keeping the story going.... thanks!

Amy said...

Golly, it looks like I gave it to people who didn't already have it. I'm ever so proud of myself.

CJ, the pleasure was mine. You have a way cool blog.

Laurie, I'll look for you next time I watch Miss America. Do you ever turn the sound down and make up words? It's very fun.

MJ, I'm glad you're writing those stories down. Print them out with the comments people leave!

Aims, definitely keep the story going.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You're a doll! Thanks!