Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheerful Hump Day

OK, this picture isn't from today, but I got it onto my computer today. Sunday we got an outdoor kennel for the bunnies to run around in the grass without getting lost or devoured. This is Basil. The big black dude is Raven.

Kayleigh and Kelsey are in the kitchen laughing. I have no idea what they're giggling about, but they are really going to town. Both of them are occasionally laughing so hard they're not making any noise. I bet Kayleigh will get the hiccups shortly. She always does when she laughs hard.

Kelsey had her first soccer game of the spring tonight. It was rescheduled from last Saturday because of rain. She wasn't too excited about going. She likes practice, but she doesn't like games. She has massive performance anxiety. We saw it in dance, plays, her cousin's wedding, even the Christmas music concert at school. But she played pretty well tonight. She paid attention, passed well, even seemed to understand where to position herself some of the time. And she scored a goal, which always feels pretty special. She was happier at the end of this game than most. A little confidence goes a long way.

She lost a tooth yesterday, too. The tooth fairy usually brings coins from foreign countries. Last night's was two pence from England. Or Britain. Something. She has a Euro, a couple of Mexican coins, something from Ireland. When she gets American stuff, it's something wacky like Sacagewea dollars. She said a 50-cent piece would be acceptable, as would a silver dollar. The only silver dollars the tooth fairy has right now are from 1922 and 1923 that she got from her dad, and the tooth fairy doesn't want to part with those yet.

So, we looked up the value of the $1000 coin from Mexico on a currency converter. When I was there in the dark ages, $1000 Mexican was worth about 40 cents American, if memory serves me. Imagine my surprise when the converter said that $1000 coin was worth $95 American. I thought, uh... Mexico must have changed their money since I was there last. Through the miracle of Wikipedia (say what you will), I discovered I was right. In 1993, they revalued their money, and that coin, as well as paper money I still have, is now obsolete ... worthless. But I didn't keep that money with the intention of cashing it in some day. I just wanted a cheap memento. I guess the tooth fairy had the same idea.


aims said...

The bunnies are too cute! And huge!

Made me laugh - thanks girl!

christian said...

Do you think there's any chance that the obsolete money will again become un-obsolete if you wait long enough? (I'm hoping so for the sake of the pesos I saved from my 10th grade spring break Spanish class trip)

Great pics, do you let the girls out of their cages on nice days? =)

Amy said...

Our bunnies are cute. Raven is a big boy, but Basil is little.

Christian, we only let the girls out of their cages when we need some work done around the house.

Heidi said...

What a well-traveled tooth fairy you have.

Very clever.