Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Bite of Dust

Yesterday I had to take my shorts off because they were so uncomfortable. Instead of investing in some elastic-waisted pants, I decided there was just no more putting off getting back in shape.

So today I dusted the dirt and cobwebs off the bar bells, I swept the dust off the treadmill, then I called it a day.


I walked for 52 minutes on the treadmill. I did a warm-up and a cool-down lap at a slow pace and a zero incline, then bumped up the incline and walked at a good pace, but not one that would have me heaving. I walked 2.75 miles and burned 240 Calories. (Christ--it's not even a full candy bar's worth of Calories! Ah, well. It's 240 more than I did yesterday.) Elton John's Captain Fantastic kept me going. "Better off dead," right?

The music over, I switched to the bar bells and weight bench. I only worked uppers. Tomorrow can be core and legs. I think I'll be sore enough.

A bit of a stretch and done.

Why do I dread this so much? It's just not that hard. Actually, it feels good, physically and otherwise.


laurie said...

every time i do a workout like that, i feel like the payoff should be: now i'm in shape!

the dread you feel is knowing that you have to do this EVERY DAMN DAY or at least every other damn day or it won't do any good.

you feel the weight of eternity on your shoulders.

but good luck, and good for you for doing it. it does get easier. or so they tell me.

Amy said...

Yeah, it gets easier. Until it gets harder. Or until I get hurt because I go too gonzo, acting like I'm still 10. Right now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but we'll see how much I hurt in the morning.

jan said...

OK Amy you have inspired me. I am now setting the alarm for 5:30am to exercise. I hate it, but it must be done.

Amy said...

Jan, I'm glad I've inspired you. My second workout was easier while I did it, but harder to recover from. I added more weight exercises and walked longer and faster.

Today I AM STARVING! I admit to having a small piece of cake. My mother came for the fourth with my nephew and brought us a cinnamon swirl cake. Bad, bad.