Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scattered, not in tatters

OK, I've been waiting to add pics before I put up a new post, but I'm going to be waiting too long, I think.

My nephew Geoffrey and his wife, Elizabeth, came for a visit a couple weeks ago. They got married in winter, I believe, at a courthouse or something equally romantic. They needed to get things going or Elizabeth would have been kicked out of the country. It was great to see them. Here they are feeding each other their slice of wedding cake. Theirs was a whipped cream walnut. I put in too much ground walnuts again, and it turned out kind of grainy, but still very tasty.

We had a fun time at Noah's Ark together, then had a family picnic to celebrate their wedding and my mom's 82nd birthday--83rd if the government is asking. (She lied about her age to get into the Navy oh-so-many years ago.) So here she is, regardless of what age anyone thinks she is.

Now, here I have a question. See that sentence in the last paragraph? I have a full sentence inside parentheses at the end of a sentence. Do I use the two periods? Or just the one outside the parentheses? Or skip the stupid parentheses entirely and just use two sentences or a dash or, perhaps, a semicolon? But I don't like a semicolon there. I need to know these things, and my AP Stylebook doesn't answer that question, which ought to be a hint. But I don't follow AP style on this blog, anyway. Laurie, surely you know the answer to this question. Anyone else? (EDIT: I CHANGED IT AFTER SOME FEEDBACK. THANKS.)

Back to my enthralling life--

We went on vacation on Tuesday to Minnesota's North Shore with a quick visit to Eric's dad. Very nice. I'll give you the low-down later. We've just gotten back and need to unpack.

Also, I've reinforced my idea that you should never call home when you're on vacation because it would ruin everything. I called my mom not too long ago to be told, "You're back home, hmm? That's nice. Everything's fine here. Except for the bad news."

Don't you just love that? Christ.

My brother has lung cancer. I'll call him later and try not to cry.


Lisa said...

Holy Horseshit! Which brother?

Amy said...

Clint. As though he didn't have enough wrong with him already. Where are you?

laurie said...

hello, my dear.

if the phrase inside the parens is a complete sentence, as it is in your example, you put a period at the end of the sentence before the parens. inside the parens, the sentence should be a sentence--begin with a capital letter, and with the punctuation inside the parentheses

i am very sorry to hear about your brother. i will email you.

Amy said...

Ah, thank you. A little cobweb is shifting in my mind, making a faint "duh" sound as it does.

I talked to my brother. He seems OK. They're doing a test tomorrow to see the extent of things and simply confirm that it is, indeed, cancer, but he and the doctor seem certain that it is.