Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cars and Guys

We bought a new car today. We've never bought a new new car before. We decided it might be nice to get something we wear out ourselves instead of letting the first owner get the best miles out of it.

We already have a Honda Odyssey van, a very practical, family vehicle that you can haul lots of stuff and lots of people in. So we wanted something small for city driving that we could take for short trips, too, but nothing we'd head to Florida in. We didn't need bells and whistles, just decent gas mileage that didn't cost much.

We got a Scion XA. If you've heard bad things about it, please don't enlighten me. The line's been signed. It's salsa red and little.

The funny thing was the guy who wrote up the final documents looked like he could be Stephen Tompkinson's little brother. His hair was lighter and he had no widow's peak, and his nose was not at all English-looking, but the rest of him--weird resemblance. Tall, thick neck, paunch, little mouth, his eyes, and his right eyebrow kept shooting up into his forehead. He even sucked in his breath in a similar, throaty way. When we got home, I asked if anyone else noticed. Eric said he certainly hadn't, but Kelsey said yes right away.



laurie said...

congratulations! my current car (a 2003 subaru) is the first new car i've ever had. it felt sinful, but i love it and it's no longer new.

here's a cars and guys story for you. (sorry, it's your blog, i shouldn't be telling stories, but i can't help myself.)

years ago i dated a copy editor who drove a white mazda 380 ZX or some such thing. it meant nohting to me. he called it his "sexmobile." i only dated him once or twice--each time he made a big production out of parking, because he was worried that someone might scratch his lovely car. i remember on one date (the only date? i truly can't remember) he parked right by the window of the restaurant and then sat inside staring longingly at...not me, but his car.

cars and guys. go figure.

and funny on the ST doppelganger. judging by your description, he's not a guy who normally sets women's hearts a-racing.

Amy said...

Sinful, yes. Bless me, Laurie, for I have bought a new car, and it's not even a hybrid.

The guy at the dealership wasn't good- or bad-looking, just ordinary like everyone else. But extraordinary in that he looked like ST.

Sexmobile. What ego. I can't see you with such a creep.

More cars & guys stories, because it is my blog:

I went out with a guy for about a month who had a white Corvette Stingray. It was all he talked about. If he was with friends, they talked about his car. They resented me being around since I wasn't interested in talking about the car. Spew.

Another guy who tried desperately to get me to go out with him had a fleet of vehicles. I had mentioned something about a Ferrari once, so he offered to pick me up in his--unless I preferred the limo. Again, spew. When I met him he had a gorgeous girl with him. They were off to the Caribbean, then he was available for a new bit of skin--me. No thanks.

jan said...

At last a car salesman you can trust.

BTW I'm still exercising and still hating it!

Amy said...

Good! Hopefully you'll like it soon. I'm liking it more every day. Well, every day that I do it because I'm not doing it every day.

Kath said...

I didn't know there was such thing as an English nose!