Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We picked up our new car yesterday. I've always liked little cars. And it's so clean! Wow! We're paying lots of lip service to keeping it clean. We'll see...

I ramped up the exercising today. Every time I try to add a different weight exercise. Today I added two. And I added another .5 to the incline on the treadmill and .1 on the speed. Tomorrow might not be pretty.

I had lunch at Husnus today with a teacher I'm going to be doing some work for. I can add Research Assistant to my resume. Just 40 hours, but I'll do it. It sounds kind of fun. I'll be looking through newspaper archives from the 1920s to find information about three events that took place in Madison, two involve shootings, one involves junk yards.

We sat outside on State Street, enjoying the drop in temperature and humidity and our Turkish food. Except I gave him my lamb & spinach wrapped in grape leaves. The plate came with it, and he gladly took it off my hands.

So, I'm adding my CDs (slowly) to iTunes on this computer. My favorite ones are nowhere to be found. Bummer. Have I lent any of you Vika & Linda or SeaChange?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy,

Cool car, lady! Love the color and shape. Way to go!


Anonymous said...

BTW, I have all the SeaChange CDs. Want them back?

Amy said...

Do you have the originals?

Anonymous said...

NO, you sent me CDs of all the songs. I assume they are copies.

Amy said...

I didn't think I'd part with the originals, so keep 'em, unless you're sick of them. Eric has them imported, and I can copy his.

laurie said...

nice car.
is it still clean?
and good for you on the exercise.
i delude myself into thinking two long dog-walks a day and a walk over the noon hour is enough to keep me fit. but the older i get, the saggier and pouffier i get and i suspect treadmills and weights and whatever else you're doing are in my future.

Amy said...

It's mostly clean. I ran through a couple of puddles, and there are some crushed leaves on the floor.

You walk a lot more than I do. I heard that people with dogs are in better health just because they walk them so much. So you're going down a fine path.