Friday, November 09, 2007

Cancer kills again

Today Lynda died. I drove past her house last night, and it was completely black. It was a bad sign.

Lynda was diagnosed with lung cancer about six months ago. If that. I can't remember. I felt so bad for her. Her daughter Kira is one of Kayleigh's best friends. Kira has some problems, and this will certainly not help. Lynda worried about her so much. And now Lynda's gone. I think it will be a hard adjustment for their little family.

Kayleigh said, "Now I'm the only one in my group of good friends who has both parents." I hope she's not tempting fate. And I hope at some level she's grateful.


laurie said...

i'm sure she's grateful and i'm sure it's not on a deep level but right there on the surface.

i'm sorry for kira, and for lynda's family.

my youngest nephew had a very rocky time after my sister died, but he came through eventually and is doing great. i bet kira will too. it just might take a while.

Amy said...

Thanks. Kira called Kayleigh this morning, and Kayleigh will be at Kira's for the day. Her dad is still in zombie condition.

Lynda's stuff is everywhere. The oxygen sign on the door, her coat next to the door, her pills, her lotion. The hospital bed in the living room still has squished pillows on it; the covers are pulled back so she could get up. It's sad.

Marcia said...

I tried earlier but it wouldn't "take." Trying again:

I don't hardly know what to say. Seems like you and yours have had a lot of this to face this past year. For someone Kayleigh's age it's double-tough to make sense of it. Hard enough when you're a wise Mom. Good luck helping yourself and your daughter. I know you all can get through it, Amy!

christian said...

Aidan, Davis and I (Kate and Halle are on a scrapbooking retreat) prayed for you and your family tonight.

Amy said...

Marcia, Kayleigh has been a person that others in need have relied on ever since she was a tiny thing. I don't know if she's aware of it. It's a natural attraction. She has a pretty cool head, but she was upset by Lynda's death.

Christian, thank you. We appreciate it. You're very thoughtful.