Tuesday, November 20, 2007



The relief felt round the world. I'm on Thanksgiving break. And it came none too soon, either.

So, my friend Kath was here last week. I felt crappy for her that she came during such a busy time. I warned her ahead of time, though. She said she was looking forward to some down time. Well, she got it. Somewhere among the funeral, chasing kids around, meetings, school, and rain, we got to do some sightseeing.

We had a quick look over the Wisconsin River to see if there were any eagles around. No luck. Ah, well. Next we visited the Baraboo Candy Company, home of the Cow Pie. Too bad they don't give tours. I've been sending Kath Cow Pies for years.

After that it was a quick ride back across the river on the ferry for a walk in the woods at Gibralter Rock. Yes, that's how it's spelled. This is Wisconsin, after all. Kath had seen our pictures on my blog last summer and wanted to go, so we were off.

Kelsey got a bit nervous because it's gun deer season. You could hear shots in the distance. Walking in the woods at dusk on public hunting grounds is not such a good idea. But after she got good and worn out walking up the hill and seeing the sun setting in the distance, she loosened up and had fun.

We picked up my mom on our way home. She had wanted to take Kath out for a Friday night fish fry. My mom was tired, though, and started crabbing before we ever got out the door. It set me on edge. Then Kelsey started whining about being hungry. Eric got our name in at the Great Dane as we drove over. Then we waited. And waited. And it was loud, so my mom bitched about that, too. Kelsey started crying because she was so tired and hungry. Then there was nothing she wanted to eat once we finally were seated. And my mom pissed and moaned about the menu not listing the fish special, so when the server took our order, my mom ordered a hamburger. Color me exasperated. She did get the fish after I asked about it. And then she bitched that it was greasy. Yeah, it's deep-fried, duh. Kelsey ate Cheerios. And we had dessert. So my mom complained about eating too much. Gah! I was glad when that night was over.

Next day was the funeral for Lynda. I cried the entire time. I felt like an idiot. Nobody else cried that much. I never used to cry so much. What has happened to me? I cry now. It's like I'm making up for decades of dry tear ducts. I had it under control as the thing wrapped up. The minister talked so much about Jesus and so little about Lynda that it depersonalized it a bit, and I settled down. But then it was over and Kira and Paul walked down the aisle holding hands, and that got me going again. I composed myself fairly quickly, then Kayleigh started crying. That was it for me again. It was exhausting.

The rest of the day was fatigue. Kath and I took Kelsey to the mall to buy a birthday present for her friend.

That was the extent of Kath's adventure here. Poor girl. It's a good thing she got to do some cool stuff with her friend Cindy before she came to our house.

Sunday Kath left to spend a day in Chicago before her flight to Vancouver. I'm sure she'll have a great time in Vancouver.

I had a ton of homework to do, and it was frustrating homework, too. I also had four stories to write for the paper. Homework got done, two stories got done.

So today, I'm happy to just breathe. I left my class early since almost everyone else had, too.

Here is a gratuitous pic of Kelsey in the leaves.


MJ Krech said...

Whew! Glad to see you back. It's a LOUD silence when you are not blogging. I missed you terribly!!

Sorry this past week has been so hard on you. Really tough times aren't good for much, if you ask me--even if my mother always said they help you build character. I always said, but I've got enough character already! So here's hoping you don't build any character over Thanksgiving!! I hope all you have to do is relax with your wonderful, amazing family.

Big, fat, sloppy hugs and kisses from our family to yours, Amy, dearie!

laurie said...

that fish fry sounds about as much fun as the lutefisk-and-meatball-supper i went to a few years back in a lutheran church basement.

in other words, it sounds more fun to do than it actually is.

don't worry about the crying. it's good for you.

jan said...

Fish Fry supper brought back memories of Wisconsin. I kind of miss it.

Happy and relaxing Thanksgiving to you and your family. You deserve it.

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hi, Marcia. Thanks for the kisses and hugs. Right back atcha.

Laurie, any time lutefisk is involved, you can expect a bad time. Eew.

Jan, finding a place that serves fish fry AND something for us weird vegetarians is hard. My favorite places as a kid don't even have a salad bar. Thanks for the good wishes.