Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ugh. I just saw that I made a mistake in a story I wrote. A $4 million mistake, give or take a few hundred grand. I don't know precisely when the paper goes to the printer, but I think it already did. Crap.

And I keep forgetting about another story I'm supposed to do. That it keeps slipping my mind annoys and baffles me.

When I was an editor, I couldn't stand people that didn't write what they said they would.


laurie said...

there is no worse feeling than getting something wrong in print.

i HATE it.

jan said...

If it's a government project you're describing, no one will notice a $4 million mistake one way or the other.

Amy said...

I hear you, Laurie. It really sucks. Credibility? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Jan, it's the school district budget. I messed up the tax levy. I had the total, not the real total. I wish they wouldn't use the word total in their spread sheets. I really didn't want to hose this one up. But I did anyway.

laurie said...

ah, your credibility is fine. you correct the error, and you move on. no worries.