Friday, May 23, 2008

An apology and a ponderance

For whatever reason my addled mind found fitting, I thought once school was over I would catch up with my blog buddies. Not happening. Very sorry. I have caught up on some DVD viewing and some family visiting, though. I watched season two of "Slings and Arrows," recommended by Laurie and seconded by me. Season three just came in yesterday at the library, and if I ever get out of bed, I'll go snatch them off the hold shelf. I also polished off the last two seasons of "Goodnight, Sweetheart." It was good, but I thought it ended rather abruptly. Even if they didn't want to tell us what happened down the line, a little more at the end would have been appreciated.

Seeking your advice:

I could graduate in December if I take two dreadful classes. There is a class I want to take (not required) that conflicts with one of the dreadful ones, both of which are required. The class I want to take is a magazine class. I'm hoping to learn applicable skills in the class.

One of the dreadful classes is offered by a better professor in the spring.

Is it worth it to take a class I want to take and choose a professor who's more interesting but postpone graduation by a semester?

Or should I get out of school and into the job market and learn on the job?

Bear in mind my advanced age and advanced credits: I will have to pay double tuition. Does another semester really matter after all this time? I'm really sick of school. But I don't want to graduate and be lacking in desirable skills. I wouldn't get a job then, and there'd be no point in graduating.

OK, I'm babbling.

What do you think?


jan said...

I think you should take the extra semester. You'll only be one semester older, you'll have taken your "dreadful" class from a professor you want. And a bonus will be that magazine class. You know once you finish school you'll probably never go back.

laurie said...

speaking as someone who once taught a magazine writing class, i'd say skip it and take what you need and get the hell out of school.

Amy said...

Jan, thanks for your input.

Laurie, I appreciate your experience.

Anonymous, looks to me like you're the one who's hiding. How sad you equate employment with misery. I've had my time? What? Anyone older than 23 should just hang it up?

Taking care of my family was not hiding from the real world. It was probably the most real my life will ever be. No job will ever be as important. Is that where the misery comes from?

laurie said...

jaysus, amy, i'd just delete that anonymous comment if i were you. it's your blog. don't take guff from no stranger. especially an anonymous stranger.

so what'd you decide?

Amy said...

Thanks, Laurie. I haven't decided, but I have my leanings. I asked my editors at WSJ a couple of questions, and on Wednesday I'll ask my advisor for his opinion.

I don't want to wait too long because if I decide to drop the magazine class, I need to let the professor know. We had to apply to get in, and we all have specific positions, so she'll need to pull someone off the wait list who's interested in my job.